Kathi Pelton

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton understand our culture’s need for encouragement and hope. Through writing and speaking, they escort individuals into awareness of God’s profound compassion and mercy that heals brokenness, and they have a unique ability to help anyone seeking pathways into His kind embrace. For several years, the couple led a house of prayer located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

He is Able! It’s Time to Step Out and Walk Into “The More!”

God is constantly opening doors but we must walk through them.

Linger Longer

Intimacy with Jesus will produce a beautiful fragrance to be upon your life.

Up On the Rooftop

This is an hour when we will begin to see desperate acts of faith from those who are tired of captivity, sickness, and torment.

Shout “Mercy” Over Your Prodigals

You are invited to go before the mercy seat of God, where He will meet with you.

Summer Showers— A Coat of Many Colors and a Downpour of Promises Fulfilled!

God is bringing answers to promises and sealing them with a double rainbow.

Hope Deferred is Breaking Off of Your Heart!

Watch God restore not only hope, but bring “desire fulfilled” to those who have been a victim of this crime against their heart.

Come Boldly- You Are Wanted!

He is not worried about the dirt on your hands or the pace of your approach— He just wants you to come!

Be Still— A Prophetic Dream

There is a posture of trust in God that does not flinch or move when threatened.

Valleys Be Raised Up – Mountains Be Brought Low

Jesus will be seen in the faces of his people— they will shine like the face of Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai.

It is Full Circle Time

This moment of fullness is met with a mighty roar (shout) by both God’s people and the Lion of Judah.

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