Kathi Pelton

A Kingdom creative.

The Mental Warfare is Real

This mental warfare must be dealt with and recognized as it begins to take hold; before it takes over!

Rosh Hashanah: 5781— The Crowning of the King and the Blood that Declares a Better Word

I believe that this year we are being called to enter into the “finished work of the cross” where the silent blood of Jesus speaks more loudly than any voice heard on earth.

God Will Do For You What You Cannot Do For Yourself

If you are being driven by fear and anxious thoughts then the Lord wants you to hear His words of truth and words of hope.

We Are Fighting For “The Image of God” To Be Preserved In Our Children

Jesus is the great Intercessor and we must join Him as intercessors.

It Is Time To Get Drenched in the Favor of God 

The favor of God will do more to help us than any college degree, employment resume, or gift.

Pray for the Lukewarm

Pray for those on the fence! The enemy seeks to devour them but the intercession of Jesus is even now mentioning them by name.

This Is Not A Time To Run But To Retrofit Foundations

We are witnessing and even experiencing the contrast of what is built upon the Rock and what has been built upon sand. 

The Sound of Surrender Will Change History

Today, I feel the intercession of Jesus that is praying for His people for another great push of going low and surrendering all.

Two Dreams: Prayer Can Change What Lies Ahead

As I woke up I heard the Spirit of the Lord repeating over and over, “Pray, it changes things!

The Voice of the Lord Breaks the Cedars— Get Ready To See His Power! 

But the fear of the Lord is about to touch the earth with a powerful strike that brings forth the Lord’s standard.

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