Kathi Pelton

Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton understand our culture’s need for encouragement and hope. Through writing and speaking, they escort individuals into awareness of God’s profound compassion and mercy that heals brokenness, and they have a unique ability to help anyone seeking pathways into His kind embrace. For several years, the couple led a house of prayer located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Stay In the Now

Let everything else go as you trust in your Beloved.

He is Mightier than the Storm that Rages Against You

This is your “Rocky” moment! The enemy is rejoicing and dancing in victory just a bit too soon.

Trust Amid Transition

Transitions can feel out of control because they can be intense as we step into the unknown.

The Restoration of Honor That Will Set You Free

Honor redefines the way someone sees themselves and gives them the courage to live that truth out.

Past Traumas Are Being Healed and Joy is Being Restored

This is a divine reset from your loving Father, who does not want you to suffer any longer.

I Just Want to Be With You

Make a place in your life where no agendas, except time together, exist.

God Will Bare His Holy Arm

We have now moved into the “era of the King.”

How to Pray for Your Children in the Days We Live In

We must ask the Lord to “create in our children clean hearts that desire what is pure and undefiled.”

God is Calling Out, “Come!”

Do not hesitate— do not look back or hold onto what lies behind because He’s calling you into the new day, the day of fulfillment and oneness.

I Will Rescue and Save Your Sons and Daughters— Pursue and Plunder!

I hear Him calling to the men to pursue and plunder— “Ride with him to rescue and save your children!” You will overtake the thief.

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