Kathi Pelton

A Kingdom creative.

The Enemy’s Kryptonite: Why We Should Be Pursuing Peace

Peace and trust are like an encoded message that the enemy cannot decipher.

Finding Home: A Source of Peace

If you come to my house I know that you will feel safe, not because of the beautiful things but because the Lord is our shelter, refuge, and place of safety.

It’s No Longer Time To Survive But It’s Time To Thrive

I learned to overcome so that I could experience deep intimacy rather than merely survive and experience only the shallow places.

A Time To Open Up!!!

During this time where the exterior things have been closed there has been a great opening happening in those that have responded to Jesus knocking on the door of their hearts.

WORDS: They Reveal, Renew and Bring Breakthrough

Our words matter! We must ask the Lord to train our mouths to speak words that bless, give life, and empower those around us to run.

It’s Time For Your “Vats To Overflow!”

The promises of God are above the bad reports of the earth below.

It’s Time to Be Free From All Condemnation!

Our feelings and emotions are amazing gifts from God, but they were never meant to be the compass of truth in our lives.

A Dream and a Warning: Pray for President Trump

A prophet’s interpretation of a friend’s dream leads to an urgent call for prayer to intercede against a plot to harm President Trump.

The Power is about to Come On!

For days now, all I can say are these words, “We are being taken back to the blood of Jesus and the finished work of the cross!”

Affections and Idols: What is God Calling You to Put Aside?

As we go through this time let’s begin to take inventory of those things that have been removed that pull for our affections even more than God.

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