The Connected Mom Podcast


In this episode, we talk with an "expert" in anxiety––Becky herself! We'll share encouragement and tips on how to turn our panic into praise.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Decorating Made Simple - with Myquillyn Smith

Have you ever wanted to create a beautiful, livable home, but you feel stuck? Join today’s conversation with guest Myquillyn Smith and how she makes decorating simple.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Unsung Hero - with Helen Smallbone

Join Becky as she has a real conversation with Helen Smallbone about the upcoming release of the “Unsung Hero” movie.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: The Art of Releasing Your Child Well

Jennifer Slattery is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries. She writes and blogs for Crosswalk and is a multi-published author.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Hope for Parents of Kids on the Spectrum

With humor, vulnerability, and stories from her own limited life as a mom of five—two who struggle with severe autism—pastor and podcaster Jessica Hurlbut ignites hope in the hearts of overwhelmed moms to believe that forces outside you can’t stop the God within you.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: When You and Your Spouse Can't Agree - with Poppy Smith

Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles, Poppy Smith offers hope in this upbeat, personal, practical, and biblically grounded interview.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Loving Adopted Children Well - with Laurel Shaler

Laurel Shaler's adoption stories, show empathy for adoptive parents and encouragement to not give up in the process.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Moving Beyond Rejection - with Patty LaRaoche

Today we talk with Patty LaRaoche, author of "A Little Lift: Finding Joy Beyond Rejection." Her stories as the wife of an MLB player and her honesty as a believer are so refreshing.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Finding Strength to Overcome Life's Obstacles - with Lori Vober

Lori Vober, a stroke survivor (at age twenty-nine,) is a walking miracle and we guarantee that her journey of faith and perseverance will encourage you. 

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: How to Help Your Introverted Child - with Holley Gerth

Holley Gerth is the host of the More Thank Small Talk podcast and is the co-owner of The Potentialist Agency. She is also a mother and grandmother and we’re excited to talk with her today about helping our kids who are introverted by design.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Hope That Endures - with Michelle Cox

It seems so many need hope right now. By the end of this podcast, you'll feel like you have a new friend...and new encouragement.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Activating Your Child's God-Given Traits - with Melissa Hannigan

let this conversation encourage you to embrace—and activate—the opportunities that come along with parenting your children.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Finding Hope After Losing a Baby - with Candy McVicar

It's a topic that is hard to talk through...but even harder to walk through. But our guest shares her story so that others can cling to hope.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Are There Different Praying Personality Types? - with Janet McHenry

In this episode, Becky and Sarah discuss the topic of prayer with guest Janet McHenry. They explore the concept of praying personalities and how each person is wired differently when it comes to prayer. This is a NO-judgment zone and meant to encourage you!

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Helping Your Tween Cultivate Strong Friendships

Daughter-Mom team, Calyn and Blythe Daniel join us to talk about friendships...specifically with tween girls. Tween relationships can be a little sticky, so listen in!

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe - with Sharon Jaynes

Sharon Jaynes shares insights on praying for different areas of a child's life, starting with the mind and going down to the feet.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Hope After Heartache in Parenting - Keri Spring

Today, Becky speaks to Keri Spring about the impact of bullying, the loss of a child, and the importance of forgiveness and faith in her healing journey.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Strength for All Seasons of Motherhood - with Julie Lavender

This conversation highlights the importance of recognizing warning signs and asking for help when needed. Be encouraged to rely on God's strength in every season of life.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Finding Courage When It's All Falling Apart - with Michele Cushatt

Sometimes, life is so heavy that it seems hard to hold onto our faith. Have you been there? You're not alone.

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Praying Against Your Fears

In this episode, we talk with author Judy Dunagan about how moms can step away from fear and pray Scripture over their children and lives. Judy shares many practical steps, some of which come from her newest book, The Loudest Roar. The book came out of an honest question Judy asked God, "Why does the enemy have so much power?"

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Trusting God in a World That’s Gone Wonky

Trusting in God can't happen without knowing that He is trustworthy.


Carol Kent had every reason to succumb to crippling “Mom Guilt” when an unimaginable situation rocked her family. Instead of isolation, Carol learned to keep a connection with fellow mamas in authenticity. She also shares the refreshing truth that we can never give up on HOPE…regardless of how life goes. We'll share encouragement and tips on ...

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: How to Find Work-Life Balance - with Lisa Grimes

Balance sounds good...but is it really possible to achieve as a busy mom? Lisa Grimes takes time to show us different kinds of "balls" that are in our lives and how we can keep balance

THE CONNECTED MOM PODCAST: Filling Your Heart and Home with Joy - with Linda Evans Shepherd

You make time for so many tasks as a mom. But we're here to remind you that finding time to have JOY in your life is critical.