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ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Has Something Better

You don’t choose your assignments but they choose you! All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now.  You are called to greatness!  God has something GREATER…something BETTER in your life, in your destiny. GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Seeing Jesus and Alive in My Circumstances

Let’s do something different and take the word “view” or “arrival” and use it in our everyday life and practice “Seeing Jesus Alive” and ACTIVE!  Let’s prepare and get ready for Jesus to show up in our everyday lives! Jesus is taking His place in my thoughts, my circumstances, my disappointment,  in my losses, and in my blessing!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Divine Blueprint

God will take the mess, pain, and of your life and work it all together for His divine plan. What the world calls coincidence, God calls providence.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Rescued for a Reason – Part 2

Carey Rostofer’s mom was murdered in front of her and her dad was killed 3 years later in the war. Now she’s an orphan, her country is being overtaken by communists and there is ONE VOICE who is crying out on her behalf among 23 other orphans. JESUS!


Bishop Timothy W. Griffin tells a powerful testimony of how “we” compare the outcome of our struggles to the outcome of “others,” especially when it involves death. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: A Crisis Within a Crisis

William “Bill” and Shelia Lee give insight into how the pandemic has revealed the idols that the church has built without being aware of it.  The pandemic was a crisis, but the idols he spoke of painted a picture of a crisis within a crisis.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Miraculous Stories – with Chris and Jan Igwe

Chris Igwe’s family calls him the “Umbrella of Hope” because, since a child, he’s had a keen awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God in his life. Chris tells his story of persecution and suffering but also shares the miraculous stories that God performed in his life and that saved his life.  


Join Jenn + Summer as they dive into the environmental factors that either help or hinder your personal spiritual growth. They address the tough topics of leaving behind people, places, or things that no longer serve.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Faith Like a Parachute!

A story of how God helped a pastor build his church through a Life Coach and Faith.  Because of his faith and a life coach, the church has survived the pandemic and is now thriving! 


Join Jenn + Summer as they break down the conditions of their soil using the Parable of the Sower and the Seed.  Together they work through how each condition played a significant role in their spiritual growth.