Eyes on Jesus

EYES ON JESUS: Church Accountability and Moving Past Hurt into Hope - with Drew Barker

Season 3 | Episode #27 - Drew Barker is a husband, father, experienced church leader, and former Elevation staff member. He is currently the lead pastor at Revolution Church in North Carolina and the host of the Podcast Hope After Hurt.

EYES ON JESUS: A Biblical Approach to Understanding the End Times - with The Prophecy Pros

Season 3 | Episode #26 - In this episode, Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson discuss when is it time to let dreams die, how God can prepare us for seasons we don’t see coming, that all Bible prophecy leads us to Jesus, and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Goldilocks and the Multi-Verse - with Dr. Stephen C. Meyer

Season 3 | Episode #25 - In this episode, we discuss cancel culture, materialism, naturalism, theism, the problem of evolution, the Cambrian explosion, and the God Hypothesis.

EYES ON JESUS: Raising Children to Love the Bible - Mike Nawrocki and Amy Parker

Season 3 | Episode #24 - My guests are authors Mike Nawrocki (co-creator of VeggieTales® and voice of Larry the Cucumber) and Amy Parker (Night Night Prayer books), who have shared Bible stories with tens of millions of children through books and videos.

EYES ON JESUS: How to Capture Your Purpose and Rediscover Your Joy - with Best-Selling Author Bob Goff

Season 3 | Episode #2 - Are you distracted?  I mean who isn't distracted at this point.  Sometimes it seems like this world is designed to distract us with a constant bombardment of info on social media and the news along with work and family distractions.  

EYES ON JESUS: The Faithfulness of God - with Robert J Morgan

Season 3 | Episode #23 - In this episode, we discuss persevering through trials with joy, remembering God's faithfulness, faithfulness is an attribute of God, peace in the midst of crisis, and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Supernatural Leadership - with Shawn Gabie

Season 3 | Episode #22 - Shawn Gabie is the founder of Kingdom Culture and lead Pastor with his wife, Michelle.  Shawn is the author of “Secrets of the Supernatural Life.”

EYES ON JESUS: The Importance of Dwelling on the Things of God - with John Stange

Season 3 | Episode #21 - In this episode, Tim and John Stange discuss the messages we preach to ourselves, the impacts of small decisions over time, what happens when we dwell on the negative, the balance of grace and repentance, and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Gary Wilkerson, Reflecting on His Father David, and How to have a Heart for the Lost

Season 3 | Episode # - In this episode, Tim and Gary Wilkerson discuss what to do if you have a prodigal child, why modeling Christ to your kids is so important—and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Reclaiming Intimacy and Resolving the Root of Porn Addiction - with Sathiya Sam

Season 3 | Episode #19 - Sathiya Sam is an addiction recovery coach and the creator of DeepClean™—a research-based and Bible-backed system for overcoming porn addiction. His powerful story and innovative methodology have been featured on multiple sites.

EYES ON JESUS: How to have a Discerning Life - with Steve Macchia

Season 3 | Episode # - In this episode, Tim and Steve Macchia discuss spiritual formation, discernment, renewal, daily decision-making that honors God, and much, much more.

The Gospel of the Kingdom vs. Other Gospels being Preached in Church - with Frank Viola

Season 3 | Episode #17 - Frank Viola helps serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. His blog at frankviola.org - is regularly ranked in the top 5 of all Christian blogs on the Web.

EYES ON JESUS: Bonus Episode - In Memory of Dr. Steve Greene

Season 3 | Episode #15 - ​In this wide-ranging and insightful episode, we discuss waiting on the Lord and persevering through trial.

EYES ON JESUS: Mama Bear Apologetics—Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies - Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Season 3 | Episode #15 - ​In this wide-ranging and insightful episode, we discuss waiting on the Lord and persevering through trial.

EYES ON JESUS: What is Revival, Why it is Important, and How Discipleship is not Optional - with Parker Green

Season 3 | Episode #15 - ​In this episode, we discuss the crazy couple of years of revival and persecution that the Green's had.  How discipleship is not just an optional process for churches to have.  We talk about finding the REAL Jesus and what it means in your life when He takes control.

EYES ON JESUS: Time Management, Family Rhythms, and Habits - with Justin Whitmel Earley

Season 3 | Episode #14 - Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author, and speaker from Richmond, VA. He has two books, The Common Rule – Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, and his newest book Habits of the Household – Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms.

EYES ON JESUS: The Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life - with O.S. Hawkins

Season 3 | Episode #13 - O.S. Hawkins is President/CEO of GuideStone Financial Resources, the world’s largest Christian screened mutual fund. He is also the author of more than fifty books, including the Code Series of devotionals including his newest The Prayer Code.

EYES ON JESUS: How to be Confidently Humble and Mature in Your Faith - with Valarie Reynolds

Season 3 | Episode #12 - Valarie Reynolds is a top Leader for a well-renowned Network Marketing Company, and host of the God Is Within Her Podcast. Join Tim and Valarie for wide-ranging discussion, including how to use your gifts to advance the Kingdom, humility, seeking God, shame, and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Practical Ways to Share the Gospel with Passion - with Ray Comfort

Season 3 | Episode #11 - In this episode we discuss, Tim discusses a variety of topics with special guest Ray Comfort, including the purpose of life, irresistible zeal for God, and serving from love, not for love.

EYES ON JESUS: The Importance of Identity in Christ and How to Pursue Biblical Masculinity - with Cody Bobay

Season 3 | Episode #10 - Cody Bobay is an actor, author, and CEO of Gibborim Studios. In 2016 Cody and his wife started Soulcon which became one of the fastest men’s movements in the world. 

EYES ON JESUS: The Hope, Love, and Purpose Found in John 3:16 - with Max Lucado

Season 3 | Episode #1 - Join host Tim Ferrara for a powerful episode with best-selling author, pastor, and speaker Max Lucado as they discuss hope, purpose, perseverance, and much more!

EYES ON JESUS: Boldness to Share the Gospel and the Power to Change the World Behind Every Youth Group - with Greg Stier

Season 3 | Episode #9 - Host Tim Ferrara and guest Greg Stier discuss sharing the gospel and the importance of the Word of God in knowing the will of God.

EYES ON JESUS: Creating a Culture of Honor - with Danny Silk

Season 3 | Episode #8 - Tim's guest today is Danny Silk. Danny is an author and speaker, some of his books are A Culture of Honor, Keep your Love on, and Unpunishable.  Danny offers life-changing advice

EYES ON JESUS: Celebrating Work and Finding Joy in Our Ability to Create - with Jordan Raynor

Season 3 | Episode #7 - Jordan Raynor helps Christians respond to the radical, biblical truth that their work matters for eternity.