Eyes on Jesus

EYES ON JESUS: Yes to Change - Navigating Rebranding in Ministry and Personal Life

In this episode Drew and Tim delve into the importance of rebranding both personally and within the ministry, underscoring how sticking to old habits can prevent growth.

EYES ON JESUS: Spiritual Stakes - A Christian Perspective on Gambling

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus Podcast, hosts Drew and Tim discuss the complex topic of gambling from a Christian perspective, exploring whether it aligns with biblical teachings and values.

EYES ON JESUS: Elevation Church Resurrection Controversy Explained!

This moment serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance churches must maintain in their messaging, striving to be inclusive and accessible without diluting the gospel message.

EYES ON JESUS: What is God Currently Showing Us?

Drew and Tim share their personal experiences and insights into pastoral growth, ministry challenges, and the importance of keeping faith and prayer at the center of their lives and work. They discuss the impact of sharing authentic stories within their church.

EYES ON JESUS: Deconstruction to Discipleship - with Jared Scholz

Scholz advocates for approaching deconstruction as an opportunity for growth rather than destruction. The conversation also covers handling church hurt, the necessity of apologizing and listening, and fostering a culture where questioning is accepted as part of the faith journey.

EYES ON JESUS: Should Christians Befriend Unbelievers?

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus podcast, hosts Drew and Tim delve into the topic of forming and maintaining friendships with nonbelievers, stressing the importance of these relationships in living out the Great Commission.

EYES ON JESUS: Embracing an Unoffendable Life and Overcoming Anxiety - with Brant Hansen

Brant emphasizes the significance of living by Jesus' teachings, such as casting our worries on God and embracing a mindset of forgiveness and gratitude, to lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

EYES ON JESUS: Challenging the Status Quo in Ministry - with Stephen Webb

In this episode, our hosts Drew and Tim engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with special guest Stephen Webb (Swebb) to address these questions, unpacking striking realities facing the modern ministry.

EYES ON JESUS: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Sunday

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus Podcast, hosts Drew and Tim discuss how showing up with an open heart and a positive attitude, rather than focusing on superficial details, is crucial.

EYES ON JESUS: The Role of Digital Discipleship in the Church

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus Podcast, hosts Drew and Tim discuss the concept of digital discipleship, an evolving space within global religious dynamics.

EYES ON JESUS: Sharing the Good News - Effective Strategies for Modern Evangelism

Drew and Tim encourage listeners to overcome their fear of rejection and step out in faith to evangelize, reminding them to rely on God's wisdom and strength in these circumstances.

EYES ON JESUS: The Secret War Within - with Brett Snodgrass

In this episode of the 'Eyes on Jesus Podcast', host Tim chats with guest Brett Snodgrass, founder of Iron Deep - a unique men's community and a real estate investor. They discuss Brett's faith journey and his latest book "The Secret War Within."

EYES ON JESUS: Christian Taboo Topics - with Mike Novotny

Mike Novotny, a full-time minister, and host and speaker for the Time of Grace television program, shares his experiences serving God's people and his journey tackling complex and often 'taboo' topics within a Biblical perspective.

EYES ON JESUS: 7 Church Trends That will Disrupt 2024 - Part 2

In Part 2, we also share our own predictions for 2024 including a focus on evangelism, changes to worship styles, and a potential divide in churches becoming either on-fire or apostate.

EYES ON JESUS: Reviving the Spark - Dating Your Spouse in the Midst of Life's Chaos

Join Drew and Tim on the Eyes on Jesus podcast as they explore the importance of dating your spouse, navigating different seasons of marriage, and finding creative ways to keep the love alive.

EYES ON JESUS: 7 Church Trends That will Disrupt 2024 - Part 1

Churches must adapt to these trends, engage with younger generations, and utilize digital media for discipleship.

EYES ON JESUS: Discernment and the Critical Spirit

In this episode, we explore the fine but crucial difference between having a critical spirit and exercising discernment. We underscore the impact of a critical spirit on interpersonal relationships, particularly within the church.

EYES ON JESUS: The Tabernacle of David (A New Testament Reality in an Old Testament World)

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus podcast, Drew and Tim describe King David’s actions to ensure that the presence of God was at the heart of Jerusalem.

EYES ON JESUS: Resolutions - New Year, New Growth

In this episode of Eyes on Jesus Podcast, hosts Drew and Tim discuss the significance of making New Year's resolutions.

EYES ON JESUS: The 2024 Election...Here We Go Again! How Christians Can Process the Upcoming Election Year

From discussing whether we should still vote to preparing our hearts through prayer, Drew and Tim advocate for engaging in political conversations from a position of love and understanding rather than hate and division.

EYES ON JESUS: Listening for God's Voice - A Roadmap to Living in His Will

In this episode, we will expose the gripping power of social media and pornography on the lives of Christians and provide practical strategies for overcoming these addictions through openness and reliance on God's guidance and accountability from other Christians.

EYES ON JESUS: How to Handle Trolls in the Age of Social Media

In this episode of the Eyes on Jesus podcast, hosts Drew and Tim discuss the subjects of criticism, haters, and trolls, particularly in relation to their Christian faith and online presence.

EYES ON JESUS: 10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

Drew and Tim hold a light-hearted conversation on combating the consumerism often associated with the holidays, bringing the conversation back to family, love, gratitude, and the importance of sharing the story of Jesus.

EYES ON JESUS: The 48 Laws of Spiritual Power - with Frank Viola

Former star MLB pitcher Frank Viola helps serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact.