Collective Member Highlight: Valerie Close

Many of Valerie’s posts “may be hard to read or think about,” but she trusts that “in every mess, there is something beautiful that has come of it.”

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It’s rather typical for a preteen girl to keep a diary. She fills it with secrets about her crush, the bullies at school, and the trip she took to the mall with her friends the weekend of her birthday. When Valerie Close was young, however, she filled hers with short stories and songs. As she grew older, she never really considered herself a writer but had so many thoughts blooming from her many experiences in life that she felt it only right to capture them on paper.

Eventually finding herself discouraged with her writing, Valerie temporarily put down the pen. She didn’t think she was original enough to put a voice out there in the world. When the Lord started speaking to her about His plans, she quickly reacquired it. Sermons were popping up at church telling her to get back to her calling. She also began seeing anchors everywhere—the symbol of her website—Anchored in a Trove. These signs were too obvious to ignore.

“I know God has called me to share the lessons I’ve learned and the wisdom He has put on my heart for others…” she tells Kingdom Winds. “I believe He has allowed me to go through things that I have gone through in order to help others. It’s all about Him, and I decided to allow Him to do the work in me that He designed me to do.”

While this bold mouthpiece for the Lord gives complete credit and glory to Him for the words in her mind and the heart behind everything she creates, it is her best friend, Hannah, that spurs her on. “She and I dive into the Bible together on a daily basis and share with each other what we have learned,” Valerie explains. This time digging in the Word with Hannah has proven to be an effective creative influence.

Many of Valerie’s posts “may be hard to read or think about,” but she trusts that “in every mess, there is something beautiful that has come of it.” Strongly standing on that belief, she always seeks to end her posts in a positive and uplifting way. And while she is still “a work in progress,” Valerie foresees growth in wisdom over time. With that may come a transformation in her writing style, too, but she firmly states, “Whatever He needs to say through me, I am here and willing to be that written voice.”

To find out more about Valerie Close and the wisdom and encouragement she has to share, visit her homepage here.



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