Becca James

Becca is a gentle soul who seeks the best in the world and in others. She is easily touched by the beauty of books, music, and art. Though she aspires to write as eloquently as Emily Dickinson or Lang Leav, she hopes to make her own mark on the world one day. She dreams of leaving behind a voice that sparks creativity, imagination, hope, love, joy, and faith.

Three Things You Can Regift At Christmas

Remember the priceless gifts that can go on and on infinitely, and try to give these away, not just at Christmas but every day.

The Beast of Black Friday

Once we learn that empty pockets and full shopping carts do not equal a full heart, we will find more peace and harmony in the holiday season. It is our family, our friends, and more than that, our relationship with Jesus Christ that will truly satisfy us.

Somewhere in Between the Camera Lens and Reality

Fricke’s goal to highlight hidden battles and the struggle to open up was effortlessly achieved. Ultimately, the sense that we are all Amy in our own ways grew on me. 

Someone Else’s Hunger

If it’s important to me that I serve others well and fill their stomachs, why is it not a priority to fill mine?

Alternatives to Celebrating Halloween

Though I myself enjoy dressing up, eating my weight in candy, and listening to the “Monster Mash,” I can respect the fact that plenty of people view the holiday as evil.

Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese: Bites of Truth About Singleness

This breakout author’s vulnerability and relatability are undeniable, and her impeccable wit breaks through some of the tough yet impactful moments throughout each chapter.

Plant the Seed

It’s not always easy to work up the courage to minister to or intercede for others. It takes trust in the Lord, some slow breaths, and boldness that only He can give.

Single Isn’t Scary: Framily is Forever

These relationships are more crucial than we sometimes give them credit for. If I’m honest, I neglected them too often while I was in a relationship.

Soaking in the Word of God: A Review of Let It Marinate

Antonwaun Johnson cultivates an opportunity for those heeding his words to learn from the Word and to let it marinate like sweet honey to their souls.

It’s Not a Sin to Need Money

Why is it okay for a businessperson at a booming company to drive her dream car but not okay for a pastor to drive his dream car?

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