WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: How to Overcome Loneliness

People all around us are feeling isolated, remote, and even very lonely at times. Possibly, you are feeling lonely today too? Why not join us for some practical words of hope and inspiration? This session is all about finding community, friendship, and a sense of belonging—once again.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 – Moving Forward

Angela shares some of the most memorable moments of Season 1, exciting updates, and a sneak peek into Season 2 launching in February! Part 1 of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Carol McLeod, Jessie Seneca, Manouchka Charles, and Dr. Hakeem Collins. These impacting moments will encourage you to move forward in 2021 with confidence in God no matter what.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table – Part 8

Tennison and Ginelle welcome two more friends from the Table in this Episode, Callie Craig and Cathy Reum. Listen in as they discuss the beauty that happens around the Table, how family bonds are created, how what happens at the Table is different from other gatherings, and how being a part of this community has filled a space that they were longing for. 


If you’ve searched for HOPE for America and the nations, don’t miss this podcast! Every day matters and the MOVE of God that shall NEVER end is HERE.

Our Response is Our Responsibility

Others can cause us to be stressed and even to respond poorly, but even in these cases, we’re still required to rise above it and respond well.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church – Group Identity

Part 13 – What is it?  Why is it so important? How is it formed? Did Jesus create a Group Identity? What happens when Group Identity is shallow or toxic?  These questions and more will be answered over the next several podcasts as they unpack Group Identity.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table – Part 6

Join Tennison, Ginelle, Jason and Victoria Twombley as they continue to share their Stories from the Table.   In this episode, listen in as they unpack the importance of holding space for each other’s emotions and journey and how being right or wrong or fixing the “problem” is not the biggest thing…relationship is!  

WOMEN LIVING COURAGEOUSLY: Hope for Parents of Prodigals

It’s a rather common occurrence that we see around us. Kids who were raised in church are walking away from the Lord. Perhaps your child is “away.” There is hope for parents of prodigals! That’s what we are sharing today! Join us as we talk to an amazing young woman who veered away from the Lord and then came back home. You will be so inspired and encouraged by her story.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Stories from The Table – Part 5

Join Tennison and Ginelle as they welcome Jason & Victoria Twombly to the podcast. Listen as they begin to share their Story from the Table and discuss how the Table is a place that helps people build their home in their own hearts with God and not be a squatter in the hearts of others.


Almost two decades in the making are the blessings of hope—nourishment for your spirit! Join Stephen as he dives into the background, then asks Crystal to pre-release THIS hope blessing for the hard places for YOUR spirit! Don’t miss this opportunity to listen and restore your hope.

Why Friendship Matters

A sincere companion is generous with her time … her home … her family … and her resources.