MAKE LIFE MATTER: Before You Were Born – The Sanctity of Life

Episode 40 – God knew you before you were born. He created you on purpose, and with purpose. Angela Donadio shares a timely and poignant message of truth, healing, and hope, for anyone living in the shadow of abortion, and for those seeking a Biblical perspective on the sanctity of life. God is not neutral nor is He silent when it comes to the silent cry of the unborn. God stands on the side of life – and as His followers, so should we.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: 3 Keys to the Life You’re Longing For

Episode #38 – We traded the over-scheduled lives we juggled before 2020, for over-taxed lives in a year of unprecedented uncertainty and change. Manyofusfeel tired…overwhelmed…even numb. But it doesn’t have to be that way – we can live blessed and astounded by God. In today’s episode, I share 3 keys to experience the life you’re longing for.

Realistic Expectations

As election dust settles, let the truth speak either to your exuberance…or to your disappointment.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Untangle the Knots of Addiction with Evelyn Leite

Episode 33 – Licensed counselor Evelyn Leite survived the pain of a deeply troubled upbringing, an abusive marriage, and her own battle with alcoholism, to make peace with Jesus. She dedicated her life to helping families understand and heal from the terminal illness of alcoholism and addiction, bringing 35 years of expertise as a chemical dependency and mental health counselor.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Take the Limits Off Your Dreams with Dr. Angela D. Thomas

Episode #15 – Everything about her background said she should fail – but God. Entrepreneur and executive Dr. Angela D. Thomas, affectionately known as “Dr. A,” overcame daunting challenges to build a successful career in healthcare. Her story, “Bullets, Babies and Boardrooms,” will unpack the power of choice and propel you to achieve your God-given dreams. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Astounded – Encountering God in Everyday Moments

Episode 35 – Some days, real life is more outrageous than fiction. But sometimes, everyday moments are God’s intended miracles. My new book, Astounded, Encountering God in Everyday Moments, is a collection of raw personal stories that show us how to keep our eyes peeled for the miracle hidden in life’s ordinary and even messy moments.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Invite the Miracle In with Brain Tumor Thriver Kim Bohn

Episode #16 – Kim Bohn, brain tumor “thriver” and Founder & Designer of Beaded Miracles, started stringing beads as a form of occupational therapy after having brain surgery to remove a large tumor that was strangling her carotid artery and optical nerves. As Kim bravely shares her story, you’ll be inspired to invite the miracle into your situation

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Awaken to Purpose with Pamela Christian

Episode #34 – Pamela Christian is a powerful voice with her pulse clearly on the heart of God. Her determination and resolute faith through severe financial difficulty and a brush with death through sudden cardiac arrest will inspire you to get unstuck from the impact of adversity and live as an overcomer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Have Courage and Be Kind with Melissa Eadie

Episode 32 – A gifted dancer and singer, Melissa was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and underwent chemotherapy at the tender age of 14, her 5’8” frame disintegrating to 98 pounds. With only a 1% chance of a return, cancer demanded the amputation of her leg at age 19. Now wise beyond her 28 years, she is a sought-after, LA trained make-up artist with a desire is to help others process loss, work through grief and to come out the other side stronger

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Bringing Restoration and Redemption with Sue Willis

Episode – Angela is joined by special guest Sue Willis, whose curriculum, A Time to Heal Beyond Survival, offers an unparalleled international ministry bringing restoration to girls, women, and men surviving abuse. She pioneered the Redemption Home Project in India, a mission to rescue young girls before they are sold into sex trafficking.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Dare to Believe God with Radio Personality Theresa Mills

Episode #17 – We often wonder where God is in the middle of bad situations. Dynamic On-Air Radio Personality, Theresa Mills, can answer that from first-hand experience. Her journey through tragedy and brokenness led her to discover that God has a bigger purpose for our pain. Her steady resilience will inspire you to dare to believe God for your miracle.

A Facebook Farewell

Lately, I’m fighting ever-growing hopelessness, cynicism, anger, and an ebb and flow of many other emotions – but mostly when I pick up my phone. And so it’s time to put it down.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hope for a Distracted Culture with Media Executive Kathleen Cooke

Episode 19 – Kathleen Cooke stands at the intersection of marketplace and ministry, focused on redefining and effectively using Christian media strategies in the digital age. She survived a terrorist attack while in London filming a documentary in 2005. That experience, and an encounter that followed, served as a wakeup call for the way she viewed the Bible and lived her life.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unborn and Untold True Stories with Author Ruth Coghill

Episode 21 – As a mom of three, Ruth Coghill faced an unexpected pregnancy in her forties. Offered an abortion by her doctor, she chose life, and compiled a collection of the astounding stories of women – and men – impacted by abortion—Unborn and Untold: True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Walk in Your Calling with Leadership Trainer Jessie Seneca

Episode 20 – As a young mom, Jessie Seneca battled Cushings Syndrome, a life-threatening disorder for many years, resulting in extensive hospital stays, multiple surgeries, and a full lung removal. She walks in God’s call as a national speaker, author, leadership trainer, and the founder of More of Him Ministries and SHE Leads leadership conference. She has a passion to help women experience God’s Word for themselves as she encourages you to move into a wholehearted lifestyle, one devoted fully to God.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Give God Your Yes with Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm

Episode #22 – Sharon Wilharm is an award-winning female filmmaker, Christian speaker, and ministry leader. Initially reluctant to step into God’s call, Sharon gave God her yes and saw Him move in the miraculous. Whatever might be holding you back, Sharon’s story will encourage you to take a leap toward your destiny.