A Divine Demolition on a Global Scale

The prophesied domino effect is not just about details concerning political structures within our own borders.

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As we have been watching, waiting, and praying for our collective deliverance from dark forces that move upon the earth, we may wonder what God is doing. Why are the pain and suffering going on for so long? Does Jesus even care about our human plight?

“But when I thought how to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task, until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I discerned their end.” (Psalms 73:16-17 ESV)

In a vision, I saw a grid and it was spread across the globe. I saw that we are connected to the nations and that what affects one nation will affect all others. I saw blocks of power – like circuit breakers – at various places in various countries. These blocks were connected across continents and across oceans. Though much of the grid work had been completed over the course of time, there was still a small portion yet to be finished.

I saw God the Father overseeing this grid work with absolute determination in seeing the completion of the work. He had a look of resolution on His face and the peace emanating from His throne enveloped the entire scene.

Then I saw Jesus to the side and He was pacing back and forth. He was interceding and His passion was tangible. He was overwhelmed with a righteous zeal concerning what was taking place on the earth and was awaiting the signal for heaven’s intervention. As the Son of Man, He was keenly aware of the pain and suffering taking place and the soon and coming judgment upon those who opposed His Father’s reign.

Then I saw Holy Spirit. With great energy and anticipation, He was moving along this grid and lighting fuses in the boxes I had seen. With as much speed as possible, He was doing the necessary preparations for what I now understood to be a Divine Demolition! That which the Father was overseeing, and that which Jesus was interceding for, was a move of the Spirit about to explode upon the earth.

This work of the Spirit would affect not just the United States, but every other nation on the earth. This domino effect would be felt from one nation to the other. The grid work that had been prepared was strategically done for the global impact it was designed for. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were coordinating their roles for this demolition job that would usher in a transformation beyond anything the world has ever known.

In reflecting upon this vision, I sensed the Spirit’s focus for those specifically within the United States. Though our collective concern and passion is for our own nation’s deliverance, this picture reminds us that this demolition plan is far bigger. The prophesied domino effect is not just about details concerning political structures within our own borders. There is going to be a domino effect among nations. The interconnectedness of this global grid is going to cause ALL nations to feel the impact of the explosions of the Spirit.

This vision is not about a massive blackout – though that will likely take place. The purpose of this vision is to see how interconnected we are. For those within the US borders who are frustrated at the wait time – it is a reminder that this coordinated plan from heaven is of GLOBAL consequence – not just national. Everything must be in place before the switch can be thrown. This is why there is a changing of the guard among world leaders. All pieces are being put in place. The enemy’s moves have been anticipated and heaven has prepared the bait.

We are getting closer and closer to the time of IGNITION. Until then, we are to agree with what Jesus is praying. Embrace His zeal to keep your fires burning. Let love be your passion and righteousness be your banner. The fires of heaven are being lit.


In the video below, I reference a recent word from Johnny Enlow concerning the overturning of the 2020 election, a 2015 prophetic dream about President Trump and Melania’s assignment, and a vision concerning the global grid and what is transpiring (25 min).



In another video recently released, I share many different dreams that you, my followers, have sent me about President Trump and what God is doing through him in our nation. Primarily received within the last 6-8 months, there are a few themes that keep coming up in these dreams that will greatly encourage you. God is not just speaking to prophets, but to anyone who has the ears to hear!



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