Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. She is a recognized fivefold prophetic minister with DOVE USA (dcfi.org) and has a passion to equip and empower the saints for the work of ministry! She has produced five books, numerous video, and audio teaching series, and is currently working on her next project which will be addressing personal freedom and deliverance. Stay tuned!

The Church Will Be Dead or Alive

For those houses of God that have taken the time to dig deep and sanctify themselves, they will lead the way into this Kingdom Age. 

Masonic Vows, Generational Curses, and Prophecy

Our spiritual adversary is doing everything he can to paint a bleak forecast and hopeless future to keep us in an endless cycle of doubt and defeat.

Dream: General Lee and Our Masonic Ties that Bind

I believe the core message of this dream is a wake-up call to the Church concerning the masonic vows made at a critical time in our nation’s history and the curses they continue to bring on our nation.

Those Who Carry the Spirit of Caleb are About to Possess the Land

There is a supernatural grace and favor of the Lord to “go in” and do war against the enemies of God and possess your inheritance and your legacy.

Hardened Hearts Will Make Way for Miracles

As we continue to do our part in heralding the truth, God will do His.

Warning Dream for the Prophets

Things look different in the dark and that which isn’t aligned with God’s purposes becomes more evident.

Gleaning Truth in the Fear of the Lord

The greatest asset we have in gleaning truth is to be grounded in the Word, but also to be open to new realities.

8 Filters that Can Color the Truth

God is not simply looking for a people with prophets, but a prophetic people who can rightly discern the times and seasons.

Prophetic Dream: Stay on the Alert Until the Very End!

We must stay alert in the spirit and discern carefully as we finish the Kingdom assignments before us.

Angels and Demons in Ground Level Warfare

By learning how to war against demonic strongholds and interact with heavenly help, we will be able to keep the victory the Lord wants to give us.

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