Wanda Alger

Wanda Alger is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. She is a recognized fivefold prophetic minister with DOVE USA (dcfi.org) and has a passion to equip and empower the saints for the work of ministry! She has produced five books, numerous video, and audio teaching series, and is currently working on her next project which will be addressing personal freedom and deliverance. Stay tuned!

Video: Electoral Drama Part 2

God is not sending this nation into years of communist rule with no way out.

God’s Perfect Set Up-For Victory

When I asked the Lord about His timing yesterday, He gave a one-word answer, “PROXIMITY.”

The Cunning Ways of God

He can never be outdone because time and space are in His hands and can move them at will.

It’s Time for Some Crazy Faith!

In spite of all the gloom and doom reports, the clock that’s clicking ever closer to our demise as a free nation, and people of faith dropping like flies – I still cling to a crazy faith.

Sons and Daughters of the Spirit – Rise Up!

Know that you need not know every detail. You only need trust in My plans to complete the good work I have begun from ages past!

Have We Missed It? Or is God Right on Time?

I do believe God is coming with a vengeance becasue of the prayers and actions of the millions of believers around the world who have faithfully stood their ground for truth and righteousness and refused to give up.

This is Where I Stand (VLOG)

We cannot afford to get off our watchtowers of prayer.

Why I Stand for Justice in January

The Lord has consistently revealed a holy people rising up to overturn the enemy’s agenda!

The Steamroller and President with Hot Blood

Seeing the enemies of God trying to destroy this nation and those who fear Him, this President carries Spirit-fueled indignation that few understand or even recognize.

He’s Pulling the Plug on the Global Swamp

The zeal of the Lord will fuel this draining as heaven and earth join together in dealing with the enemies of God.

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