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Envy and jealousy grow as by-products of making comparisons with others.

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Do you struggle with comparing yourself with others? It’s okay to admit, I think we all do at times, although, some are obsessed with it.

As I read through the Old Testament there are so many character flaws that I see, noticing the same things that we struggle with today as human beings.  One of those ugly attributes, that is prominent within our flesh, is jealousy.  Jealousy is an ugly evil that will make a person act crazy and do things without thinking.  These two sisters (Rachel and Leah) were competing with one another for the same man, in the same home.  However, “Jacob was in love with Rachel.”  (Genesis 29: 18), and Leah knew it.  It’s hard to understand why having two wives, at the same time, would be allowed. Today, having multiple spouses is very common in other third-world countries.

Envy and jealousy grow as by-products of making comparisons with others. We only can find our self-worth in Jesus.  Women, no man will ever complete you, as Jesus can!

Our gentle Shepherd, Jesus, is always leading, guiding, and restoring us, throughout our lives.  He restores our wounded hearts and calls us to come and lie down in those green pastures.  We go through life thinking that the “grass is always greener on the other side,”  Maybe that yearning that we have to go into green pastures, is the Lord calling us there to Himself?  If you need comfort, go to the place of wanting Him, He promises rest.

He encourages us to not lose heart!  Don’t give up!  Keep calling on our Supreme Judge, who rules and reigns over all.  Keep asking God to move on your behalf. Keep knocking. He has the gavel in His hand.

In the process, stay in the place of humility.  God sees what you give.  There is no need to compare what others do.  Jealousy may creep in and separate and divide.  God sees and rewards the humble.

(Genesis 29: 31-30-43,  Psalm 23, Luke 18: 1-17, Paraphrased & Modified) 


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