Just A Small Spark

Be a peacemaker, you’re sowing into the right kind of harvest–righteousness.

Are You Ready?

Devoting ourselves is being loyal, faithful, committed, and dedicated.

Lovers Of…

Lovers of God don’t seek worldly power, they seek Holy Spirit’s power and purity.  

A Lamp To My Feet

Let the truth of His word light the way in our lives and upon our paths.  

Teach Me

The goal of knowing Jesus is “Love which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”

The Connection

Until I blew the dust off of my Bible and began to read it, I had no clue of His truth.

To His Name

We are in charge of this earthly realm, that’s why we need to be in constant communication with the Lord of heaven and earth.


If our life reflects Him, others will be drawn to Him, through our actions.

Thankful For You

We come to Him, to become like Him. That’s what transformation is.   

All Things New

His life-giving water is always flowing from the throne, flowing towards all of mankind to bring life, eternal life.