God has things to share.  Be ready to receive.

A Responsive Heart

He knows why a heart is hard, and what caused that wall to come between you and Him.  


If we never pray, God doesn’t have an opportunity to change the outcome.  

Who Are You Yoked With?

Never come under the influence of anything or anybody.  Control and conformity will set in.  

The High Places

All the high places we have in our lives, those things that we think we couldn’t live without,  should never be exalted or be above our love and allegiance to God.  

Compassion For An Enemy?

If we live with God-given compassion and love in our hearts, walking in the Lord’s peace is possible, even in turmoil.  

Second Chances

Being sensitive in the Holy Spirit enables us to be tuned in to what God is saying.  

Open The Floodgates

When God gives us a promise, we must look at it through the eyes of faith, or we won’t see it.  

Are We Running?

He is longing for a people to see His faithfulness and work on the earth.

Sensible People

Why do we let the enemy place these little foxes, wedges that separate and divide us?  Pull them out!

The Power Of Submission

Paul disciplines his body makes it submissive to strict training, like an athlete.  Athletes often have to refuse things that may hinder their goals.  

Seek Counsel

Paul’s answers were pretty profound.  He says, “Keeping God’s commands is what counts.”

All Things Are Yours

When God blesses, He is like a well-watered garden in the middle of the desert.  

No Fooling

Yes, the crucified Christ is the power that saves and the wisdom that transforms.  

God Has Called You

The reality is, however, there is disunity and dysfunction among believers.