Mental Health

Dealing With Anger

Learning to control these moments of anger will sweeten our lives in countless ways.


There is always a point of desperation when things turn, and surrender becomes inevitable. Journey through me from point A to Z on a road we never imagined we’d be in and a situation that takes every ounce of your willpower to surrender.


This episode is a reflection back to the time just before I began my recovery. There is anger, bitterness, pain, acceptance, and resolve here. I began to confront some hard truth within myself, and it was HARD! If you’re in that place, know you are not alone.


You are loved. In your mess, in your darkest moment, in your sin. You are loved and wanted. This episode talks about sin and our redemption. It talks about never being so far from God that He can’t reach you. Addiction is powerful, I get it, but it still doesn’t touch the power of God. So, give me a moment to explain why God loves people like you.

AUTHENTIC TRUTHS IN ADDICTION: Letting Go – When Addiction and Faith Collide

Today’s episode is a discussion of lost faith in the battle of recurrent trauma caused by addiction. Realigning our hope and heart with God and letting go can ignite our faith even though the situation doesn’t change. Living in peace through the warzone of addiction is possible when we hold on to Jesus and let go of the world.


This episode is a reflection back to the time just before I began my recovery. There is anger, bitterness, pain, acceptance, and resolve here. I began to confront some hard truth within myself, and it was HARD! If you’re in that place, know you are not alone.


This Christian momma is tired—but here sits another experience in the travels of addiction. I learned it can’t be me; I can’t save, fix, or carry the weight of an addiction I don’t have.

My Depression Dilemma

Sometimes God allows an abundance of struggle because He knows that is the best path to authentic and deeper blessing.

Stigma vs. Truth

Tough love was not an expectation to change their behavior; it helped to change my own.


One day, you wake up to a child you don’t know. A person who no longer lives outside of addiction. Your reflection screams at you, “What have you done?”… Every parent with a child in addiction wonders what they did wrong.


“Let Go and Let God” I never thought this would be a phrase of controversy. We use it every day in life challenges. So, why is it a problem to apply to how we approach living with a child in addiction? 


Do we call sin, “sin,” in addiction? Are we afraid to offend? Why? People deal with sin every day, in every setting. There is no judgment here—I Promise! Just some basic insight from experience and the truth.

LIV2DAY: God’s Potential Within You

None of us can claim that we have not been given a calling from God. The Bible tells us that all believers have a part to play in her kingdom of God. And gifts are varied. Do u know what ur spiritual gift is?

Bitterness Bites

The feeling of resentment is poison to our soul. It saturates our being with false justification.

LIV2DAY: Reclaiming What the New Age Has Stolen

It’s important that believers know what New Ageism is referring to, and the distinct differences between that teaching and that of the God of Abraham, the God of the Bible. In this episode, Dr. Paula tackles this topic head-on, without hesitation, and with a conviction and boldness that is much-needed in these times.

LIV2DAY: Prayer and Meditation” + Ask Dr. Paula! on Brain Health

What is prayer? The act of prayer is an open, willing heartfelt conversation with God, thanking Him for what He has done in my life and others around me. And daily prayer doesn’t have to be long, drawn-out, or difficult. Once I recognize and give God my gratitude, I can entirely focus on my request and petitions.

LIV2DAY: The Power We All Possess

Yes! Our almighty God desires for us, His children, to embody His power and to exalt and give strength to others. Come along with Dr. Paula on this discovery of God’s power, God’s energy, and His desire for you to accept these gifts to you.

LIV2DAY: Start2Day with a New Year

As the New Year kicks off, do you find yourself making another list of resolutions or goals? Before you start down that path, give yourself the next fifteen minutes to hear Dr. Paula’s advice on how to ensure you are successful from Day 1.

LIV2DAY: The Vibrational Frequency of Prayer

We know that all living things have a vibrational frequency. We know that sound also has varying levels of frequency. Scientists, especially in the emerging area of healing frequency therapy, also know that thought patterns even emit a frequency. Did you know that your mood exerts its own frequency?

LIV2DAY: Is There Enough Evidence to Convict You of Being a Christian?

Everyone has God-given gifts. The question is, how are you using yours to glorify Him? Can others see the fruit of your labor? Do you know what yours are? Using your gifts is not the same thing as striving to be a “perfect” person. That is an empty way of life and not one that we are called to live.


An emotional encounter in prayer, hope, faith, and truth. Recording could not stop the tears from falling. This podcast is a journey through the life of addiction from the perspective of a mother.

LIV2DAY: Radiating God’s Love

Dr. Paula shares with listeners her experience with what she believes was Shekinah Glory during a near-death experience, along with an amazing discovery about “light” in the form of Laminin, embedded into the very structure of the cells in our bodies.

LIV2DAY: Harnessing God’s Energy

Dr. Paula brings new light to energy in God, science, manifestation, thoughts, and how they are connected! What is not always visible but always around and within us all? Energy.

LIV2DAY: Numbers + God

Follow along with Paula in the discovery of just a few examples of how detailed and magnificent our Creator’s numerical handiwork can truly be.

LIV2DAY: Science + God

In this episode, Dr. Paula explores Darwin’s theory of evolution. As mainstream thinking would maintain, science supports exclusively the theory of evolution, while scripture supports the theory of a divine Creator, aka creationism. But is that all there really is to it?


Ahhh.. bitterness. Resentment we hold onto against people or situations that rob our peace. (If we allow it) It took me months to work through this round, but I’ve made it to the other side, and you will, too.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to Self + Ask Dr. Paula on the Pineal Gland

Have you or someone you know ever received “that phone call” from a doctor? In today’s new podcast episode, Dr. Paula shares how, at age 43, this phone call would send her on a journey to ask herself hard questions, discover God deeply, and claim her true identity in Him.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to Others + BONUS Ask Dr. Paula!

Coming to you from her studio in North Texas, Dr. Paula McDonald records this time-sensitive message on the importance of connecting to others. In the midst of this February 2021 deep freeze ridden with power outages, water shortages, potential flooding, and more, across much of our country, Dr. Paula shares how now more than ever we truly need one another.

LIV2DAY: Connecting to God

Listen in as Dr. Paula McDonald walks us through the divine connection created by God to His children and all of the wondrous ways in which His designs are replicated in the physical world around us.


This episode is about the unfamiliar space between the empty nest and raising grandchildren. I reflect on the challenge of letting go and moving in a purpose I never saw coming.

LIV2DAY: Created to Work

God created us to work. Shocker? Well, it’s true. So are you ready to collaborate in work with the almighty? Imagine the possibilities available for you when you completely trust him…when you desire to collaborate with him.

LIV2DAY: Oil Up! with Essential Oils

Essential oils are the actual lifeblood of the plants from which they come. They are God’s medicine and they have a lifeforce and vibrational energy all of their own.

LIV2DAY: Fully and Abundantly

What if you could unlock the secrets to an overall inner peace? How much better would you feel if you could tap into God’s perfect source of balance? Perhaps you suffer from chronic disease, pain, anxiety, fear, fatigue, or maybe you simply find yourself in a circumstance that seems unbearable at present?