Mental Health

Good Times!

As believers in God, we must believe that whatever is happening in our lives will eventually be good because we serve the God who is more than able to work all things together for good.

Quiet the Voice of Worry

We worry about so many things…finances, relationships, our health, and ill-fitting jeans, just to name a few

Jesus, Me, Anxiety & COVID19

Episode #4 – I can almost assure you that you’ll break a smile while listening to me talk about my 5 stages of coping with COVID-19 and the 5 ways I’m combatting my anxiety during this incredibly anxious time. 

A Spiritual House Call

It has been necessary for me to set up some practical safeguards in my life that enable me to continue to live with joy and peace regardless of my circumstances. 


Episode #2 – Regardless of the ugly or dark parts of our lives, His desire is to hear from us, not from the version of us we think He wants to hear from. 

The Gift of Contentment

Isn’t it a wonderful blessing to know who you are and to function from that stable place of profound knowledge? 

Outgrowing Depression and Anxiety

I am outgrowing depression and anxiety….who I am and what I have been called to do are far greater than what they are and what they ever will be.

Children and the Cyber World

The internet is a wonderful, necessary, terrifying place—especially for those too young to know how to navigate it and bypass all the junk.

What’s Jesus, Me, & Anxiety?

Episode #1 – Meet Kassi Russell, the host of the brand-new podcast “Jesus, Me, & Anxiety.” Listen in on what it’s like to have a relationship with Jesus and still struggle with anxiety.