Mental Health

LIV2DAY:Healing Prayers

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the story of her OWN miraculous healing. She invites skeptics to rethink the issue and even suggests that as Christians, EACH of us has healing power, for ourselves and others, that we may not have ever considered.

Where’s Your Joy?

God doesn’t expect us to have joy in response to the trials themselves, but in knowing the outcome.

LIV2DAY: Don’t Miss the Message in the Mess

Are you feeling that there are “messes” all around you? In the world, in relationships, at home? Dr. Paula shares what “messes” she is experiencing and how taking a step back, seeking God’s clear MESSAGE in the midst of a “mess,” is really a way to find a gift in it all.

Peace in Transition

The God who was God during every life-altering time period in history is still God now.

Are You Satisfied?

I challenge you to make sure that you do the things that give life and strengthen you for your journey.

LIV2DAY: Healing from the Inside Out

Life revolves around cycles, and that includes our spiritual life, our physical life, and our emotional life. And so in all of those aspects of living, we experience cycles, and in each of those cycles, we experience levels of healing – healing that is very important to our overall health and well-being.

Welcome to THE 99 RELAPSES PODCAST – with Host James Egidio

In this episode, Christian Recovery Coach and Counselor James Egidio discusses who he is, what he does, what inspired him to launch the 99Relapses Podcast, bares his personal testimony of addiction and recovery, discusses what sobriety looks like in faith and finally James outlines the goals and objectives of the 99Relapses podcast.

LIV2DAY: Stir the Water

More now than ever, believers need to step up and claim an active role in defending the Word of God. Our political leaders need our support, and reaching out to them – calling and writing them – may give them the encouragement they most need to keep fighting the good fight.

LIV2DAY: Where is Your Voice?

In this episode of LIV2DAY, Dr. Paula takes on the topic of gender and sexuality and the many debates happening around our country regarding definitions, rights, privileges, and more. The sensitive issue of America’s schoolchildren – what material they will or won’t be exposed to, beginning at what age – and ultimately, at what cost?

LIV2DAY: Getting Your Micronutrients and Vitamins

When you consider your daily eating plan, how much of what you consume is actually whole food (alive) versus processed (dead) food? Dr. Paula offers some tips on making sure you incorporate more live food into your body, giving it the nutritional fuel God designed our bodies to use.


Rage wanted to invite me into its folly, but I declined the invitation. 

LIV2DAY: Recovering from Illness

In this timely episode of her START2DAY series, she records from home as she recovers from an unexpected case of the flu, and shares the important steps she takes to speed bodily recovery, without loading up on synthetic medications.