Angela Donadio

A published author, worship leaders, songwriter, and recording artist.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Daring Rescue – Melinda Patrick

Melinda champions and equips Christian parents of LGBTQ-identified children to love well, not compromise the Word of God, and faith in prayer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: An Unlikely Difference Maker – with Mandy Hood

Mandy shares the story of how God used an introvert like her to step out of her comfort zone and follow God. A self-titled “unlikely difference maker,” she reminds us that God can use us, too, when we dare to say yes!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: March Moments that Matter

March is all about: 1) Finding the strength of sisterhood, 2) Living in the power of surrender, and 3) Answering the call to be a bridge.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Unexpected Joy – with Kelly Miller

Happiness and purpose—we work ceaselessly for them, but what does God have to say about our efforts?

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Captivated by God’s Love – Nonda Houston

Can you imagine what might change if we truly lived captivated by God’s love?

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Warrior Mother – with Victoria Riollano

Victoria Riollano, mom of 8, knows it’s not easy raising faithful kids in the world today

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Moments that Matter

Each month I’ll take you behind the scenes of ministry, adventures, things I’m loving, and insights God’s downloading. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Loving Samaritans – with Pastor Terry Crist

In Loving Samaritans, pastor Terry Crist demonstrates how it’s possible to live a life of radical inclusivity without compromising one’s beliefs or the truth of the Gospel.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Dear Future Husband – with Cally Logan

Imagine writing love letters to the man in the future whom you will one day marry but have yet to meet. Cally talks about embracing singleness, waiting for God’s best, and celebrating God’s plans for you right now.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: I Didn’t Sign Up for This – with Sarah Frazer

Like so many of us, Bible study mentor Sarah Frazer found herself saying, “God, this wasn’t part of the plan. I didn’t sign up for this.”

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