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MAKE LIFE MATTER: Science, Faith, and Wellness with Dr. Paula McDonald

Episode #82 - Dr. Paula McDonald survived a life-threatening surgery for a rare tumor wrapped around her spinal cord and into her chest to face yet another large tumor that required the loss of a lung.


Episode #3: Listen in to "Just" a Housewife as Ann Lindholm discusses Revelation 2.

BRIAN FLETCHER: Waiting on the Lord Will Give You Strength and Courage

Episode #45 - Would you believe that waiting on the Lord gives you strength and courage? Probably not with what the world is telling you.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Acts 6 and 7 - How to Care for the People Who Fall Through the Cracks

By properly choosing the right people to do the right tasks, the right people will be available to do the work the Lord has asked them to do.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Transgender To Transformed with Jeffrey McCall - Part 1

Episode #14 - From a young age, Jeffrey McCall felt he was attracted to men, and in his early twenties, he began to identify as transgender. During this time, he started to experience suicidal thoughts and feelings of depression. In one of Jeffery’s darkest moments, he had an encounter with God. Jeffery cried out to the Lord, and HE answered, ...

LIV2DAY: Boosting Your Immune System

As we come off of "the coronavirus year" and enter 2021 there are a lot of things that you can do to boost your immune system. Incorporating the daily practices that Dr. Paula covers in this episode will prepare your body and boost its' resistance to illness and disease!

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Why Are You Single? with Lisa Anderson

In this episode, Jill talks to Lisa Anderson about the common questions they hear from the singles they minister to. They're also going to be super real about their own personal struggles with singleness.

ALONG THE WAY: Before We Said Hello - Becky Nordquist’s Journey

Becky Nordquist has been the victim of abuse and has dealt with tragic loss but she has found hope and peace in Jesus along the way. This episode will encourage you to put God back in his rightful place in your life and find His healing in the journey to wholeness.

LIV2DAY: Creative Energy

Today on Episode #24, we will explore how to continue playing and creating in life. And how creativity is its own energetic force!


Episode #103 - In this episode, Friendship Part II, we're talking about the spiritual connection that makes all the difference.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: What is an Exvangelical?? My Response to Kevin Max and the Deconstructionism and the Universal Jesus

What is an exvangelical?  What is deconstructionism and the Universal Jesus?  Kevin Max was in a recent article stating he is an exvangelical.  I didn't think much of this article until I started researching what that term means.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Choose Your Adjective

In Episode 03 Carol shares with you how to choose how you Mother! Discovering your destiny is not enough to ensure that you live a life of purpose. There’s something beyond destiny that determines the power and the imprint of your singular life as a mother. Carol also answers a listeners question and talks about keeping a good relationship with y...

MOVING ON: Let's All Get the Heck Off This Struggle-Bus

Episode #34 - Jess was also guest spot this week on The Lajoie Society Podcast and would love for you to give Other-Jessie a listen as she is bright, beautiful, and a breath of fresh air that may or may not have a bit of a potty mouth, but they both feel it is needed here and there at times, so...

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Heart of the Father - Part 1

This week, Denise unpacks how knowing our Heavenly Father's heart impacts interactions with our dads and shares three ways our fathers can demonstrate care to us.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Enneagram Type 6 - Momentum, Getting Back on Track and the Payoff

Episode #46- Simple steps for Type 6’s to maintain the momentum, get back on track when they get derailed & what the payoff will be when they have put in the reps and done the work of personal & spiritual growth.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: How God Can Take What the Enemy Meant for Harm and Turn It for Good

Kenise Etwaru talks to us about her divorce and how God took all the broken pieces of her life and built something beautiful from her ashes! 

DAD HACKERS: What Is Biblical Manhood? with Jarrett Samuels

Episode #53 - Jarrett Samuels from The Pursuit of Manliness is with us today to share his story of how he is pursuing manliness in his life. He takes us back to the point in his life when he realized that he wasn’t living up to God’s call of what it means to be a Christian man, husband, and father.

DARE 2 HEAR: Leviathan with Special Guest Madeline James

What is the Leviathan Spirit? Is it real? Is it in the Bible? What does it do and how does it operate? Spiritual Warfare is real and it’s something we all need to understand and learn how do we deal with it? 

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Preparing for Revival with Dr. Kristi Lemley

There’s no doubt that God is ready to pour out revival all over this land. But, what do we need to do, and how do we need to posture ourselves in preparation for this mighty move of God?

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Get Your Peace Back with Beth Murphy

Episode #81 - Rock House Center Co-Funder Beth Murphy offers a significantly grace-filled perspective on relational and emotional struggles, helping us know God’s pathway out of how we’re feeling and experiencing life and access God’s peace.

OUTREACH CHURCH PODCAST: The Mystery of Christ in You

Join Pastor Roy Geesey with an encouraging message.

BLACK AND WHITE: Self-Care—Caring for our Soul

Episode #75 - Neglecting care for our souls can have devastating consequences. Listen in as Angela and Denise share key principles of biblical self-care that we all need. We can recalibrate our hearts in God's presence. 

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Today I Choose with Charlotte Gambill

Episode #80 - Through a difficult season of infertility, Charlotte Gambill chose to sow seeds of life and hope into others. When the pandemic spread across the globe, we faced change in our everyday choices and unfamiliar restrictions. Yet, that season reminded Charlotte that we still have the power to choose.

JUST A HOUSEWIFE: Where is your Faith?

Luke 8 After the Apostles fear a storm while Jesus sleeps, he asks his Apostles in the boat, "Where is your faith?" Friend, where is your faith? Do you believe God is who He says He is? Do you believe His words to be truth?