Audio Podcast

Soil, Seeds, and Friends

Listen to a Sunday message from Outreach Church. If we aren’t aware of our hearts, we can feel alone in a room full of friends.

The Beginning

Episode #73 - And God made mankind in their image. Their? Yes, their. Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make mankind in our image.” Plural.

The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Episode #72 - In fact, I would propose that these three statements could serve as a test for true, authentic Christianity.

Weekly Teaching: The Enemy

Episode #25 - Today, we take a quick look at our enemy and then spend some time unpacking six tactics we can use when he attacks our mind.

Making Room for Paradox

Episode #92 - Coach and Joe grab a seat in our first full episode on YouTube to explain the necessity of accepting paradoxes when it comes to the nature of God.

Making a Difference—Goal Setting

Episode #102 - How we set our goals is almost as important as the goals themselves. Listen in as Denise and Allison share how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals this year.

Lineage of Grace: Rahab

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service, featuring Ascent director Joe Reynolds with a message on Rahab.

Feast, Part 2

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s morning service, featuring pastor Sean Curtis with a message on fasting and feasting.

Going Over The Monthly Reflection Page

Episode 24 - In today’s teaching, we take a look at the purpose along with how to use the monthly reflection page and see why it’s important to the 90 day process.

A-YouTubing We Will Go

Episode #91 – Joe and the podcast’s producer, Brian Fannin, fill us in on the heartbeat of Coach & Joe with some very exciting news.

The Battle of the Ages

Episode 23 - Today, we start to take a look at one of the most controversial passages of Scripture in the whole Bible. It’s going to be awesome!

How to Fall in Love with Jesus

Episode #54 - Jesus wants to be more than just your best friend. Listen and find out what it looks like to really fall in love with Him.

Seeking Understanding

Episode 22 - As we take a look at another warning from Hebrews, we come across a warning that the Church of today really needs to hear as well.

You Can’t Work Your Way Back!

Like the prodigal son, we buy into the lie that we can somehow work our way back to the Father.

Escaped From Sex Trafficking with Sula Skiles

Back for the 2020 podcast season, Jill Monaco talks to Sula Skiles about her life as a survivor of sex trafficking.

Not My Will, But Your Will Be Done

Episode 21 - Today, we take a look at the greatest temptation that Jesus faced. Hint: it wasn’t the cross.

DH 087: How You Can Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators, Part 2

Join Patrick and Gregory in the second part of this series on the predictable patterns of sexual predators and how to protect your children.

Frapping The Boat

Episode 20 - Today, we get to the key verses in the book of Hebrews, learn a memory verse, and even uncover another key nautical term, “Frapping The Boat."

Tackling Insecurities

Episode #90 - Coach and Joe exchange some friendly banter, define courage, and ask each other some very vulnerable questions about their insecurities.

Making a Difference—Finding Your Word

Episode #101 - Listen in and discover how to find your word for the year.

Lineage of Grace: Tamar

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service featuring teacher Blake Berg with a message on Tamar.

Friends vs. Accomplices (Part 2)

Episode 19 - Today, as we focus on the journey process we are on together, we take a look at another critical component in the transformation process.

Feast, Part 1

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s morning service from Jan. 5th, including pastor Chad Norris with a message on fasting and feasting.

How to Successfully Create a New Habit

Episode 71 - In today’s episode of The Jesus Habit Podcast, I share with you just a few of the things that are coming in the first part of 2020.