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On the brink of a destiny moment, you will find two kinds of people. Believers and rebels. Which one determines your territory.

BRIAN FLETCHER: The GREATEST Talk on Discipleship. Ever.

Episode #23 - In this episode, Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navigators, explains how to reproduce ourselves as disciples into the lives of others.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Are You Ready to Die?

In this episode, Erin Olson recounts a recent experience where she had to ask herself this question, “Are you ready to die?” Death is inevitable, and it is all around us. We can’t avoid it, but we must address it.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Transgender to Transformed with Jeffrey McCall - Part 2

Episode #15 - Jeffery McCall, formerly transgender, leads the Freedom March each year. The Freedom March is an opportunity for former LGBTQ individuals to publicly declare their stories of Godly transformation and march across the city where the events are held! In Part Two of this interview, Jeffrey talks about what causes REAL transformation in...

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church - The Benefits of Joy Fueled Communities

Part 5 - Joy is the first ingredient for strong, healthy, transformative communities.  So many churches/communities function without joy as their fuel.  The result is usually a community fueled by fear, shame, and performance where true transformation is not produced.  

LIV2DAY: Healing with God

Come along with Dr. Paula in discovering what our Father God has to say about what we are to do when we are in need of healing. Having experienced multiple health battles, brutal surgeries, and long periods of recovery, Dr. Paula shares how her dependence on God carried her through those times.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: To The Bystanders Of Someone Else's #MeToo Story

Episode 37 - Are you a bystander of #metoo? Those who are watching and hurting because of someone going through the #MeToo experience. You the bystander, can help them or actually hurt them. Unintentionally of course.

ALONG THE WAY: Godfather to Father God - with Pete Giacalone

Disowned by his Mafia Father for being a Christian, Pete Giacalone learned to see God as his father, and eventually, his relationship was restored. Listen as Pastor Pete explains how the key of forgiveness unlocked true freedom and actually saved his life!

LIV2DAY: Thanksgiving

In this brief episode, Dr. Paula talks about Thanksgiving 2021 and all that we have to be thankful for, as we work toward a "new normal." Stopping to reflect on the blessings we have, no matter how small, lifts the spirit and keeps our focus on the positive aspects of our lives.

PAST TO POWER PODCAST: Unmasked - Part 2


EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Dr. George Barna on Why Worldview Matters

Episode #21 - Dr. George Barna is a professor at Arizona Christian University. He founded the Barna Group and is now the Director of Research at the cultural research center at ACU. Dr. Barna has written more than 50 books. He is often called the “most quoted person in the Christian Church today.”

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Interview with Angela Donadio

In Episode 27 of The Joy of Motherhood, Danielle interviews international speaker and recording artist, Angela Donadio!

MOVING ON PODCAST: Ignoring the Speck in Someone's Eye to Address the Cross Tie in our Own

Episode #21 - It's back to just Jay and Jess this week, as they discuss anger issues within their marriage, in parenting, and in general life lessons.

BLACK AND WHITE: Making a Difference - Living out Our Goals

Episode #103 - What is hindering you from your life resolution? No matter what the obstacles are, they can be overcome by the word of God and accountability. Listen in as Denise and Allison discuss how to live out your life resolutions!

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Enneagram Type 8 - Momentum, Getting Back on Track, and the Payoff

Episode #42 - Simple steps for Type 8's to maintain the momentum, get back on track when they get derailed & what the payoff will be when they have put in the reps and done the work of personal and spiritual growth.

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: The Half Brained Church - Key Ingredients to Create and Maintain Transformative Communities—Joy

Part 4 - True transformation, Identity, Character Development, Spiritual Formation, and Discipleship can only happen in healthy communities and relationship with those we have belonging.  If this is the case, how do we create, cultivate, and maintain these types of communities?

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Rescued for a Reason - Part 3

Carey Rostofer’s 500-mile journey by foot led her to the heart of Jesus through pastors, missionaries, and adopted parents who gave her hope.

DAD HACKERS: Intentional Living with Christopher McCluskey

Episode #42 - Christopher McCluskey and Patrick talk about Vision, Purpose, Missions, and Goals and how to use them so that you can steward your life well. We also dive into the topic of why many guys know what to do in life but have a difficult time taking action.

DARE 2 HEAR: Leaping into Purpose - with Que Nona

In Que Nona’s newest book “Leaping into Purpose,” she shares her life’s struggles and victories and how to overcome them by looking at the process of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly. The book is designed to be a workbook to help and encourage you as you work through your own struggles and leap into your own purpose.

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Held - with Melissa Eadie

Melissa Eadie was first diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 14. While her peers were experiencing high school, the latest trends, and youthful ambitions, Melissa became familiar with the four corners of her hospital room.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: What Does Living Your Faith in the Face of a Diagnosis Look Like? - with Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers, American Idol finalist, TV Show Host, Entrepreneur, and current Tennessee Titans PA Announcer, shares how he and his wife and children have lived faith and received miracles regardless of the devastating diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.


Join Pastor Roy Geesey with an encouraging message.

LET'S WALK IT OUT: Season 1 Finale—What Now?

This season, we discussed the stories of God's faithfulness, even in the hardest times of our life. But what do we do now? This is meant to be more than an emotional experience- if you let it, this could be your opportunity to change your life. Don't miss the season one finale of Let's Walk It Out!