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Jesus Is Greater, Part 8: Faith

In part 8 of our series, we look at how faith is being “Fully Assured In The Hope.”

Jesus Is Greater, Part 9: Being Consumed by God

Unfortunately, too many Christians are still experiencing vicariously that which they were made to experience personally

Submitting To Authorities

Episode 59 - When any of us make the choice NOT to submit to our spiritual authorities, we are in the wrong.

The Alternative to Anxiety

Episode #50 - Anxiety plagues virtually everyone. Listen to see what the alternative to anxiety is.

Outside The City Gates

Episode 58 - But, to experience the joy of Jesus in our lives today, we may have to leave behind the comforts of what we have always known.

Delay, Foundations, and Sources

If God delays something, do we stay connected to Him? Or, are we tempted to look for another God?

Overwhelmed With Change

Episode 57 - Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. None of this change we are experiencing is a surprise to God. He knew what we would do.

Strategies For Warfare

Episode #76 - Join Coach and Joe as they talk about spiritual warfare, gossip, slander, and the most important warfare strategy of all...letting God be your defender.

Do The Opposite

Episode 56 - But, the church cannot exist within the personal-gratification trends of society around us. The church is counter-cultural.

Know and Understand Your Why

Listen to Outreach Church Youth Pastor Zach Brinson Sunday's message on knowing and understanding your why!

Making Yourself Known

Episode #75 - Today, Coach and Joe pull wisdom from the Christian heroes of history to give advice on how to slow down, hear God, and the importance of making yourself known to Him.

The Names of God: Abba

Listen to Bridgeway Church's morning service, including pastor Chad Norris with a message on God’s name “Abba.”

The Book of Joshua: Part 4

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service, including Blake Berg with a message on the book of Joshua.

Absolute Feelings and Relative Truth

Episode 55 - Jesus didn’t give His life so that we could embrace whatever hell we wanted. He gave His life to set us free from the bondage death had over our lives.

When Revelation Offends Our Beliefs

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey’s Sunday message on our need to yield what we thought was true to what is true.

Mountain of Fear Vs. Mountain of Joy

Episode #54 - You should not be dependent on your preacher or me on this podcast or anyone else to meet with God. We are only changed when we meet with God for ourselves.

A Rapid Return to Love

Episode #74 - Coach and Joe chat about how to avoid rebellion and the steps to take back towards God and out of shame.

We Are Better Than This

Episode #53 - We can do better. In our struggle against these sins, we have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.

The 7 Deadly Relationships with Mary DeMuth

Jill Monaco talks to Mary DeMuth about her new book and how to handle a friendship breakup and heal from the pain that comes with broken relationship patterns.

Discipline, Hardships, & Love

Episode #52 - We think it’s loving our kids to not discipline them. Scripture teaches an entirely different story.

Kanye West Declares Jesus is King

God is a Dad is back to break down the biggest event in Christian music history: Kanye West's new album "Jesus is King."

You've Got More to Give, I Just Know It

Episode #51 - Remember that Jesus was fully human and that He did not use His divinity to the advantage of His humanity.

Leaning in to Hear

Episode #73 - Coach and Joe talk about some secrets to hearing the voice of God .

Get Your Hopes Up

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey’s Sunday message on daring to believe that He is able!