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Join Pastor Roy Geesey with an encouraging message.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Miraculously Healed with Jan Aldridge

Episode #103 - Jan Aldridge was born with a rare birth defect and offered a corrective surgery with one catch: she would never speak again. She was miraculously healed at the age of seventeen, and her powerful story will leave you awestruck at the goodness of God.

BLACK AND WHITE: Overcoming Depression and Walking in Victory - Part 2

Episode #90 - When our lives are interrupted with choices we did not make and real consequences that surround us in pain, we still have a choice in that place to choose joy, by the grace of God. Listen in as Denise and Angela continue to share key principles on how to overcome depression.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Divine Opportunities

Episode #102 - Ordinary moments become extraordinary when our obedience intersects with God’s provision. We learn how to flex our faith muscles by saying yes to God in small decisions.

JUST A HOUSEWIFE: Two Things the Lord Showed me in a Dream Last Night

Episode #18 of Ann Lindholm's podcast "Just" a Housewife

BRIAN FLETCHER: What God Thinks of You

Episode #13 - Too often we only listen to the voices around us. We must listen to the voice of God and hear what He thinks about us. He does this through His Word and Biblical affirmations. Listen closely to hear what God thinks of you.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Do Not Be Concerned If the Evil Spirits Know Your Name Because…Son

In this episode, Erin Olson continues her teaching in the book of Acts. In Chapter 19, evil spirits are confronted. Sometimes, we get worried that evil spirits know who we are, but we shouldn’t. If evil spirits know who you are, it means you are doing work that penetrates the darkness.  

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Be A Burning Messenger In Everyday Life

Episode #28 - Right now, we are called to live a life of worship, prayer, and knowledge of the Word. This is a lifestyle of BURNING for the Lord. The altar is our heart, and God's Spirit in us is the cleansing and purifying fire.

LIV2DAY: God’s Potential Within You

None of us can claim that we have not been given a calling from God. The Bible tells us that all believers have a part to play in her kingdom of God. And gifts are varied. Do u know what ur spiritual gift is?


You may have noticed at the end of each episode, I end with, love well, you were made for it. So I thought I’d close out this four-part series with some of my tips for loving well. Because this is my favorite subject …. LOVE!

ALONG THE WAY: Quarantine Check Up - with Jason Betler

Episode # -

LIV2DAY: Anger and Division

Dr. Paula asserts that there is no place for indecisiveness, no time for fear or lingering in worry. Standing on The Word, standing for what you believe in, and choosing to be bold is what is being asked of each of us. Tune in as she offers encouragement through God's word during these unprecedented times.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Both Hand Foundation with JT OLSON

Episode #117 - This weekend on RVR, we've got Both Hands Foundation, founder, JT Olson. He's on the show sharing the story behind this faith-based non-profit serving orphans and widows. With over 153 million orphans worldwide and the costs of adoption on the rise, their mission is to fulfill James 1:27 by serving orphans, widows, and Christian adop...

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: How to Have Hope when Your Heart is Breaking - with Ron Hutchcraft

Episode #11 - For over 30 years, Ron Hutchcraft has been a part of people's daily lives through his popular radio program "A Word With You". Ron is the co-founder of "On Eagles' Wings®," an outreach and leadership development program for Native American and First Nations young people.

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Danielle's Interview - Part 2

In Episode 17 of The Joy of Motherhood, Host Carol McLeod interviews her friend Danielle about being a working Mom!

MOVING ON: Investing in Each Other To Push Through the Tough Stuff

Episode #10 - Did you know that serving others can actually be medicinal? In this episode, Jay and Jessica discuss how all of us are created with a yearning to help others, and the further away we get from this original plan the more anxious and depressed we can come.


In this episode, Denise continues a deep dive into the topic of joy and moves the conversation into finding joy. Did you know joy often happens in the midst of suffering? Discover this truth and others as you listen in on five ways we can find true joy in Christ.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Childhood Wounds and Attacks on Virtue with The Enneagram

Episode #32 - Today we’re diving in deep into childhood wounds, where they stem from, and what happens when they go untended to and we’re talking about attacks on our virtue and in the framework on the Enneagram so that we can better navigate our shadow side.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Dee’s Story of Healing and Redemption, Part 2

Dee Boyd is helping women rediscover self-worth after sexual trauma and abortion.

DAD HACKERS: Order of Man - with Ryan Michler

Episode #32 - You don’t have to live a life of business and chaos. You find yourself being extremely busy, but ending the day feeling like you haven’t actually accomplished much. You’re over-committed, but underperforming. Why is that?

DARE 2 HEAR: Raising Up Prophetic People - with Michelle Passey

God has given Michelle Passey a call and mandate to equip prophetic voices globally. Raising healthy prophetic people is so important to be connected in community with others. As a prophetic voice, you have a role to play for your region and your nation

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: What Are You Looking Forward To?

Today, I’m talking about some of the wonderful things God is doing, and some things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months. What are you looking forward to?

OUTREACH CHURCH PODCAST: Living Free from the Past and for the Future

Join Pastor Roy Geesey with an encouraging message.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Hunger for A Life of Gutsy Faith with Gari Meacham

Episode #101 - Her marriage to a professional baseball player, struggles with severe food bondage, and a father who was a quadriplegic brought Gari Meacham to a crisp realization: her prayer life and her beliefs needed to match.