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ALONG THE WAY: The Harbingers of Things to Come - Behind The Scenes with Ken Peckett

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is releasing a special feature-length film that reveals even more secrets than his book “The Harbinger”. Go with him to the places where revelation unfolded and the patterns in the Bible expose what is happening in today’s headlines!

JOLT OF JOY PODCAST: Family Relationships - Becoming (Day 28)

Challenges we face daily is with family relationships. Listen to this study on Ephesians 6 to receive wisdom on how to deal with family. Hear now that family matters.

LIV2DAY:Healing Prayers

In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the story of her OWN miraculous healing. She invites skeptics to rethink the issue and even suggests that as Christians, EACH of us has healing power, for ourselves and others, that we may not have ever considered.


Listen in to hear the LifePoint Church Sunday sermon.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: How Christians Should Behave

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in second Timothy chapter 2 and Genesis chapter 5. We talk about being kind, disciplined, patient, and staying obedient.

EYES ON JESUS: The Importance of Identity in Christ and How to Pursue Biblical Masculinity - with Cody Bobay

Season 3 | Episode #10 - Cody Bobay is an actor, author, and CEO of Gibborim Studios. In 2016 Cody and his wife started Soulcon which became one of the fastest men’s movements in the world. 

PASTOR TALK: Passion and Purpose

Join pastors Tim Ferrara and Blake Wilsford as they talk about passion and purpose.

THE BREATHING GOD PODCAST: Positioning Ourselves for Encounter, Part 4 - with Cindy Helton

In this episode, my special guest, Cindy Helton, and I discuss two other methods of contemplation called branching and breath prayer. It is such a rich discussion, and at the end of the episode, Cindy leads us into a time of encounter. I believe you will be truly blessed.

BUILDING STRONG HOMES PODCAST: How Adeline St. John Found Her Dad's Biological Father

This is a story that has the ingredients of a great British novel: mystery, World War II, an English lass, and an American soldier and highlights the importance of knowing our family history and legacy in order for us to have a real sense of belonging.


In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in second Timothy chapter 1 and Genesis chapter 4. We talk about listening to the lies of the enemy, being overwhelmed by fear, and how to overcome it.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Impact Gratitude Has on our Mind

Episode #158 - Gratitude does not have to follow feelings. Feelings come when we choose how we are going to think. Listen in as Denise shares how gratitude can help us to shift negative mindsets.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Triggers, Medicators, Emotional + Psychological Health - Part 2

Episode #15 - What are triggers, why do we get triggered, & do we use unhealthy things to medicate unpleasant emotions? It gets real on the podcast as Justin & Meredith divulge their own unhealthy cycles and patterns of triggers & medicators. 

TABLE & WELL PODCAST: Building Quieting Capacity

Ally George joins Tennison and Ginelle as they continue their deep drive into joy and quiet. In this episode, they will be talking about building your Quieting Capacity.  Just like you need to build your Joy Capacity building your Quieting Capacity is just as important. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Inside War—From the Jungle to the Jordan (Part 2)

Tony Maisey tells his story of childhood trauma that led to the jungle of Peru.

DAD HACKERS: Who You Can Become When Life Doesn't Go As Planned - with Sheridan Voysey

Episode #67 - What do you do when life doesn’t go as planned? What do you do when your dreams are crushed?

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Is This a Prosperity Gospel?

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in first Timothy chapter 6 and Genesis chapter 3. Today we’re talking about the love of money, the prosperity gospel, Christians with money, and the creation of man.

DARE 2 HEAR: The Power of Hope - with Jack Countryman

The Power of Hope explores how those characters responded to adversity with a faith that brought them hope—not because their circumstances changed, but because their focus changed.

SIGNIFICANT WOMEN PODCAST: Healing From Abuse and Identity Struggles - with Kat Vazquez

“Significant Women” is a weekly podcast for women to gather with their personal stories, dynamic hope, and wisdom gleaned from the ordinary days of an uncommon life. Our goal is to simply encourage women in every season of life that their story matters; when Jesus is involved in the details, every woman’s life can be a significant representat...

NAVIGATING LIFE IN THE SPIRIT: Interview with Assemblies of God Evangelist Anthony Sluzas

Today we are talking with Assemblies of God Evangelist Anthony Sluzas. Once an aspiring Hollywood actor with parts on the popular sitcoms Three’s Company and The Two of Us, many would have assumed Anthony’s life was golden. But behind the scenes was a different story. Tune in to hear this inspiring episode.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: The Church's Esther Moment—Mordecai and the Power of Prayer (Part 3)

Discover the key to crushing the plans of the enemy against you. Learn the position you need to take to turn the tables in your situation.

COFFEE AND PRAYER: Be Kind, Don’t be Quick to Judge

In today’s episode of Coffee and Prayer, our devotions are found in first Timothy chapter 5 and Genesis chapter 2. We talk about treating people kindly, taking care of our own, minding our own business, love, and relationships.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desperate for a Fix - with Dana M Brown

Episode #160 - The leading cause of death in the United States for 18-44 years old is overdose. Dana Brown was miraculously saved from a life of addiction, prostitution, homelessness, and jail.


Join Pastor Roy Geesey with a powerful message.