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EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Dangerous Good with Kenny Luck

Episode 32 - What happens when we compartmentalize our discernment?  Our life in God reflects our view of God. In this week's episode, I talk with Kenny Luck, award-winning author and Pastor at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, California.

THE DEPOT PODCAST: Spiritual Health Checkup

Acronym – S.A.T. (when was the last time you SAT with God and asked Him about your spiritual health?

The Bible Tribe: Day 10

Summary: God is inviting us to believe in Him when things seem impossible. We can choose to trust in ourselves or others or in outcomes, or in God. But when the rubber meets the road, our belief in God and his promises will determine whether or not we...

The Bible Tribe: Day 9

Being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Just ask the starlets of our day. But still we can want to seek after fame. Perhaps it comes from a place of just wanting acceptance when the sting of rejection is so memorable.

BRIAN FLETCHER: No Need to Linger in Lament

Episode #67 - Join Host Brian Fletcher for another enlightening episode.


Gathering, equipping and sending out Christians to live out and share the Gospel. Interviews of Christian leaders combined with in-depth biblical teaching. Join host Erin Olson, founder of Sandalfeet Ministries, as she connects with people around the world and uses her gift of teaching and prophesy to navigate living with a biblical worldview.  

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Global Reset with Corey Russell

Episode #11 - My talk with Corey Russel is a barn burner! Corey spent ten plus years with IHOP Kansas City. The Lord is calling the Church into a season of fresh alignment with heaven and our families. He is preparing us for whatever comes around the corner.

ALONG THE WAY: 2020 in Review

Host John Matarazzo shares some of his takeaways from 2020 and the lessons that he learned AlongTheWay!


Episode #123 - This week, we are sharing our hearts with you. Last year was certainly a year of calamity. And, I think we can all agree we're glad it's over. But for many, the residual effects have left us reeling from it all. Some are filled with grief over loss, financial ruin, and the death of loved ones. The cold, the lonely, the hard... it’s...

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Faith Under Fire with Joel Paul Reisig

Episode #31 - This week I talk with the director (Joel Paul Reisig) and one of the producers (Greg Morrison) of the movie Faith Under Fire.  The movie stars Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo.  It is a story of loss, grief, and embracing faith even in the darkest of hours. 

THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD: Danielle's Interview - Part 2

In Episode 17 of The Joy of Motherhood, Host Carol McLeod interviews her friend Danielle about being a working Mom!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective

Our perspective affects our lives profoundly. One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to lose perspective. Confused and disillusioned, we try to find the meaning of this life. To find perspective we need to relinquish our own and ask for God's. Listen in as Denise shares how we can lose the world's perspective and gain God's.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Boundaries and Enneagram Stances

Episode #11 - Being aware of boundaries, setting, and respecting them according to the enneagram stances (independent, dependent, and withdrawing.) If you're new to the enneagram, stances are a great way to begin to narrow down your type and understand your own tendencies and personal work when it comes to boundaries.

DAD HACKERS: Breaking the Cycle with Greg Edens

Episode #31 - You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes with your family that your parents made.

DARE 2 HEAR: 2021 ~ A Year of Awakening and Freedom

As I was praying and seeking God’s heart about what He wanted to say about 2021. First, He gave me a word of warning/caution, and then He followed it up with a word of hope and encouragement.

OUTREACH CHURCH PODCAST: A Powerful Message from Lou Engle

Listen in to hear a powerful word from Lou Engle for this season of chaos and uncertainty. 

BLACK AND WHITE: Christmas Unwrapped - The Gifts of Trust and Joy

Listen in to this interview with Denise's third daughter, Annalise, as she shares how she learned to turn her insecurity into a trust that cannot be shaken. The gifts of the fear of God and His word were her compass that helped her to turn from perfection and to trust in God, instead.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Turning Pain Into Purpose

Episode #2 - Angela Donadio takes you behind the scenes during her near-death health crises to discover how God turns pain into purpose. Find out what God said to her in a defining moment that changed the trajectory of her life.

ALONG THE WAY: The Trowel and The Truth with Dr. Scott Stripling

Episode #30 - From a young age, Dr. Scott Stripling felt called to discover history. His life journey and excavations led him on an incredible adventure of faith and discovery.

BRIAN FLETCHER: Do You Want to Be a Shrub in the Desert?

Episode #8 - Do you really want your life to look like a shrub in the desert? Isolated, alone, and without hope? If the answer is no, then listen closely.

DARE 2 HEAR: 2021 ~ A Year of Awakening and Freedom

As I was praying and seeking God’s heart about what He wanted to say about 2021. First, He gave me a word of warning/caution, and then He followed it up with a word of hope and encouragement.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Beautifully Broken with Eric Welch

On today’s podcast, I chat with my friend, Eric Welch, director of the new movie, Beautifully Broken. Eric and I talk about some personal stories of brokenness, the beauty of standing in the midst of trials, and of course … the movie.

ALONG THE WAY: A Purpose for Every Pitch with Tom McGough

Episode #68 - Tom McGough's dream was to be a major league pitcher and through hard work, he reached his goal… but his proudest accomplishments weren’t on the baseball diamond

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Navigating Grief During the Holiday Season

Episode #68 - If you’re grieving a loss or major change in your life or know someone who is, listen to this week’s Real Victory Radio episode because I know you’ll be encouraged.