Audio Podcast

The Spirit of Elijah

Listen to Bridgeway Church’s evening service, featuring a message from Michael Thorton on the Spirit of Elijah.

Modern Day Idols

Episode #98 - Just like the Israelites worshipped the idol while they were waiting on God, my heart is also prone to wander in seasons of waiting. 

Light Pollution, Part 1

The first edition of a Lenten series hosted by 68 Church. Be sure to take a listen to part 1 of Light Pollution!


Light Pollution

Episode #97 - If we want to see God, we’re going to have to deal with the light pollution keeping God’s light from getting to our souls.


Ambassadors of Good

Episode #96 - “Whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me” has become so popular and overused that we probably tend to gloss over at the reading of this story. 


False Prophets and Prophecy

Coach and Joe are both back in the studio today to push the edges of what we think about modern-day prophecy and false prophets.


The Character of God and Hell

Episode #94 - As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, and so forth. Why? Is it just because that’s what love does? Or could there be more?


The LORD Has Been Good To Me

Episode #95 - Because God is all-powerful, eternal, all-knowing, all-wise, loving, kind and so on. There is no limit to His goodness.


The Art of Friendship, Part 1

#Episode 107 - God made us for fellowship and there is an art to friendship that can help us to move past the obstacles that hinder true community.


The Attributes Of God

Episode #93 - So today, what I am going to attempt to do is give a brief (ha!) overview of some of the attributes of God.


Faith Over Feelings with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode #80 - What can we do when our emotions threaten to take us out or drag us down? While it isn’t easy, we have the option of asking God to stir up our faith to triumph over our feelings.


The Chaos of the Holy Spirit feat. Fred Kruger

This week, Coach and Joe get out of the studio to put an elder on the spot without warning! Join the guys in Coach's office as they surprise interview Fred Kruger.


Hard Day's Night

Episode #27 - In this episode, we try to gracefully discuss one of the lowest afternoons we have experienced since the very beginning of blending our family, if not THE lowest.


Every Good And Perfect Gift; Why Things Are So Good On The Earth Right Now

Love does not force another to love in return or in exchange for goods or services rendered. God created us with the ability to choose or reject Him.


How to Form Healthy Relationships

Episode #106 - Expectations and selfishness can kill relationships. To find a healthy relationship, we have to be healthy ourselves.


Breakthrough: Enneagram Coaching With Sue Mohr

Do you sometimes feel you’re going about life because it’s what you’ve always done, but deep inside your divinely creative side is dying? Sue Mohr shares her secrets!


Doing Church Wrong // The Discipleship Mandate feat. Corey Reid

Coach, Joe, and frequent guest Corey Reid sit down to discuss how our current church model may be completely unbiblical, and what we can do to change it.


The Mystery of Christ in You

Listen to Outreach Pastor’s Roy Geesey with a message on the simple Gospel and the mystery of Christ in you. 


Staying On Plan; God’s Way with Amy Elaine & LaTan

#Episode 79 - Go courageously with God. One day at a time. 


Divorce, Restoration, and Community

Join Coach, Joe, and Armando as they hash out the types of community you can and can't live without, and which one will all but guarantee your growth.


What I Have, I Give

As Believers we carry the answer into every situation. No matter what the question, Jesus is the answer!


The Whole Counsel of Scripture

Episode #86 - If we’re going to be able to see the bigger picture of God’s reality that the world is built on, we absolutely must become regular consumers of God’s Word


Soul Care When You’re Weary with Guest Edie Melson

#Episode 78 - Weariness can be overwhelming, yet author Edie Melson has found the key to overcoming with creativity! Listen in to hear more about the playful side of God.


Staying Motivated in Your Goals: Interview with Lara Casey

Episode #104 - Feeling discouraged that your goals seem further away than when you began? Listen in for practical tips and motivation with Lara Casey, author of Cultivate What Matters.