Angela Donadio

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Live Beyond Limits with Jennifer Rothschild

Episode #70 - Jennifer Rothschild became blind at age fifteen and now helps others live beyond limits. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Dr. Phil Show, and The Today Show.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Waiting for a Promise and Exciting Updates!

Episode #69 - We’re celebrating 50,000 downloads in 130 countries today! Look back at some of the most impacting moments of Season 2, hear what’s coming, and learn how to join me and Carol McLeod in Israel 2022!

MAKE LIFE MATTER: From Drama to Destiny with Kenya S Ulmer

Episode #68 - Kenya S Ulmer is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Teacher with a heart for the single parent. Her mission is to help women cut out the drama and distractions to get on the road to their destiny.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Boy Band Addict to Bold Evangelist with Scott McNamara

Episode #67 - If you told Scott McNamara he would go from being an addict in a boy band to committing to full-time ministry and equipping people to Spirit-led evangelism he would likely not believe you but that’s exactly what Scott’s journey has been.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Great Invitation with Dr. James O. Davis

Episode #66 - Dr. James O. Davis, president of the Global Church Network and Cutting Edge International, is considered to be the leading Christian networker of our time. The Global Church Network (formerly Billion Soul Network) has become the world’s largest pastors network, partnering with more than 2,400 ministries and 560,000 churches around t...

MAKE LIFE MATTER: In the Presence of My Enemies with Gracia Burnham

Episode - On May 27, 2001, while celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary at Dos Palmas Resort off Palawan Island, rebels from the Abu Sayyaf Group seized the Burnhams and several other guests of the resort and took them as hostages to Basilan Island. In the ensuing 376 days of captivity, they endured incredible hardship, emotional fatigue, and...

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Fueled by Fire with Staci Wallace

Episode #64 - Staci Wallace has been a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and thought leader for over 30 years. She is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and media host, and the founder of EMwomen (Empowering Women).

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Leading Well by Following Well with Dr. Steve Greene

Episode #63 - Dr. Steve Greene is Charisma Media Group's publisher and executive vice president.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: From Basement to Sanctuary with Holly Christine Hayes

Episode #62 - Holly Christine Hayes has traveled the globe, sharing her radical story of salvation and coming to faith in Christ from one simple, desperate prayer, and is passionate about teaching others to pray that prayer too. "God, help me."

MAKE LIFE MATTER: And Then There Were None with Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years, working her way up through the ranks to become the clinic director in Bryan, Texas. She was Planned Parenthood's Employee of the Year in 2008 but she walked away from her job after witnessing the abortion of a 13-week-old fetus during an ultrasound-guided abortion.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Living Unbroken After Divorce with Tracie Miles

Episode #60 - Tracie Miles is a speaker, author, and director of Compel Training with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She has written four best-selling books and her new release, Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Life and Heart after Divorce.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Settle Your Soul with Dr. Jodi Detrick

Episode #59 - “Life shakes us up; abiding settles us down.” Through the harrowing abduction of her teenage daughter and a life devoted to ministry, Dr. Jodi Detrick has a profound understanding of the power of redemption.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny David

Episode #58 (Part 1 of a 4-Part Series) - No matter what giant you’re facing today or what desert you find yourself in, when you know who you are in Christ, you can trust God to defend you–just as He did for David.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Get Ready to Embrace God’s Goals with Mimika Cooney

Episode #57 - Born and raised in South Africa, entrepreneur Mimika Cooney experienced severe rejection, bullying, and a broken childhood. She spent years pursuing accolades and addicted to approval in the pursuit of finding her worth, validation and confidence. Then God stepped in to heal her hurts, change her heart and awaken a passion for helping...

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Your Faith-Inspired Transformation with Kim Dolan Leto

Episode #56 - Judged by both the church and the world, Kim Dolan Leto made her body an idol until she underwent her own body and life transformation. Now, she’s dedicated her life to teaching women to get fit and find confidence – God’s way.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny - Naomi and Ruth

Episode #55 - What if? What if just on the other side of your disappointment is your divine destiny? If we want to discern God’s destiny, we have to look for the opportunity hidden in the hopeless situation.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Pivot from Tragedy to Triumph with Dr. Susan Mead

Episode #54 - After Susan lost her youngest son, Kyle, she came to realize that even when things get broken, discarded, or replaced, people matter most. It was during this season in life Dance with Jesus was written, a metaphor for discovering joy that has helped thousands discover life in the midst of their darkest moments.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Align with God’s Assignment with Dr. Barbara

Episode #53 - Dr. Barbara is a licensed psychologist who uses faith plus therapy methods to see women transform their baggage into a badge of honor. She safely guides women through the ashes and watches them emerge to embrace their passion and live their fullest lives, overflowing with faith and purpose.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny The Life of Elijah

In this 4-part Series, Angela looks at the lives of Jesus, Elijah, David, and Ruth, and shows us how we can move from desert to destiny.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: The Powerful Purpose of Introverts with Holley Gerth

Episode #51 - In Holley Gerth’s own words, she likes humans, words, and good coffee. She knows what it’s like to fight anxiety and depression, perfectionism and insecurity, doubt and burnout.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Fight for Joy with "Chewbacca Mom" Candace Payne

Episode #50 - Candace Payne is an author, speaker, podcast host, and a viral sensation whose Facebook Live video of trying on a Chewbacca Mask became the most-viewed Facebook Live video to date (collectively over 300 million views). Also known as“Chewbacca Mom,” she has been featured in more than 3,000 media outlets and has interviewed with maj...

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Desert to Destiny The Life of Jesus

Episode #49 - In this 4-part Series, Angela looks at the lives of Jesus, Elijah, David, and Ruth, and shows us how we can move from desert to destiny. In today’s episode on the life of Jesus and His desert experience, we learn to recognize the ways we are tempted, resist temptation through Scripture, and realize God is propelling us to destiny.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 - Reveal

This conclusion of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Amy Carroll, Alisha Illian, and Sue Duffield. These impacting moments will help you balance a tender heart and a strong voice, ground your identity in Christ, and embrace the healing power of humor.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 - What Brave Looks Like

Angela shares some of the most memorable moments of Season 1, exciting updates, and a sneak peek into Season 2 launching in February! Part 1 of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Carol McLeod, Jessie Seneca, Manouchka Charles, and Dr. Hakeem Collins. These impacting moments will encourage you to move forwar...