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Only by the navigational abilities of a close-knit relationship with Holy Spirit and Jesus can we really properly traverse the unknowns that He is calling us out into.

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Over the last few months, there seems to be more Angelic Presence than what I’ve seen in the past. I’m not sure if it’s because of increased awareness of their presence, or if it is actually just more interaction between the natural and the supernatural realms, but there’s definitely a heightened awareness of that right now.

God is sending us more help in the realms of the Spirit as a result of many of the intercessions being made from all over the earth. Many who have never had any experience with the Angelic are beginning to see like they never have before and things are taking place in a fraction of the time that it used to take before. 

I also want to emphasize the importance of intimacy with Jesus in this season because as much as things are accelerating in the Supernatural realm, so is the deception that’s going on. We need to keep our relationship with Jesus, up close and personal, as these things become more and more prevalent so that nothing is able to take our focus off of Him no matter how intriguing or interesting it may seem. 

As we continue to maintain tight communication with the Lord and the Holy Spirit, they will keep us from wandering off into supernatural areas that are off-limits (as many people already have).

As we develop more and more in Christ, new things will become more visible and accessible in the Spirit realm, and with it will come a renewed authority and an understanding that we have never had before. In these times having a Divine Partnership with the Holy Spirit becomes not just a need but an absolute necessity, for only through His guidance will we be able to circumnavigate these new arenas we’ve never been in before. 

The Holy Spirit is there to lead us and guide us into the Truth and also to expose that which is not of Him, so that every area we’ve stepped out in can be under His scrutiny and He is then able to direct us or correct us, on the course that we’ve steered. Only by the navigational abilities of a close-knit relationship with Holy Spirit and Jesus can we really properly traverse the unknowns that He is calling us out into, but as He does, He and the Angelic will help us along on our journey as we go forward.

HE HASN’T ASKED YOU TO GO IT ALONE and to do so would be difficult if not hazardous, that’s why He’s sending an increased Angelic Presence to guard not only you but the anointing He’s placed upon your life. 

The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe] and each of them He delivers.” Psalms 34:7

He has sent His Angels to guard You and keep watch over your life so that as we continue to partner with Him we remain under the umbrella of His Protection. YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS!





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