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The day after the election watch for the bursting forth of the great deep accompanied by the floodgates of heaven. Judgment and grace will be simultaneously released.

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I am already way on the record with an abundance of prophetic words and even a whole book (“The End of the World as We Know It”) that President Trump is going to be re-elected, President. Now, I want to show you how your vote is going to be your boat for your personal future. First, some groundwork. In a most amazing “coincidence” November 4 is also the 17th of Cheshvan on the Hebrew calendar. This is the day that coincides with Genesis 7:11 when the flood of Noah’s day officially started. “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month— ON THAT DAY ALL THE SPRINGS OF THE GREAT DEEP BURST FORTH AND THE FLOODGATES OF THE HEAVENS WERE OPENED.” 40 days of rain began to fall that day and a previous world was washed away and a whole new world was brought in. The same water that raised the years-in-building ark is the same water that took out all the desperately evil. It wasn’t two separate acts or events. The same rain washed out the vile and raised the righteous. The day after the election watch for the bursting forth of the great deep accompanied by the floodgates of heaven. Judgment and grace will be simultaneously released.

As In the Days of Noah

Earlier this year I gave a word that we had entered the days of Noah— as well as the days of Elijah. I pointed out that in the USA the most popular boys’ name for babies in 2020 was Noah which was closely followed by Elijah/Elias. Neither had ever been this high (Noah was up to #3 Trump’s first 3 years) and God has been prophesying “out of the mouth of babes” as it were. Noah, which means “rest”, was assigned to build an ark that could ultimately sit on Mt. Ararat (”the curse reversed”) as it was raised there by the very waters that displaced what was formerly occupying the “tops of the mountains”. As it says in Gen. 7:19 “the high mountains under the entire heavens were covered.” REST only comes after you build an ark 300 cubits (the Gideons) by 50 cubits (filled with Holy Spirit — Pentecost means 50 days) by 30 cubits (fulfillment time— Joseph/Jesus both begin ministry at age 30) and allow the waters to cause you to RISE until you ultimately REST on Mt.Ararat. “and on the 17th day of the 7th month the ark came to REST on Mt.Ararat.” (Gen. 8:4) It is the same Hebrew word there— in essence, the ark NOAHED on Mt.Ararat. In the expanded meaning of the word NOAH, it means “to rest— as in the idea of respiring and drawing breath”. How “coincidental” again that in a year that a virus that attacks the breath is released and weaponized that God would have Noah be a name of primary focus. 

The 7’s Have it

In another remarkable messaging from heaven, the #7’s dominate the landscape of it all. In Noah’s day, he was the son of Lamech who lived to be 777. Genesis 7 is the story of the flood and the 7’s are punctuated throughout as Noah had to bring in 7 of every clean animal and bird type and had to wait various 7 day periods. In our contemporary invasion of the #7’s showcasing God’s handiwork in it all, President Trump was elected in 5777 (Hebrew calendar), he was 70 years old, 7 months, and 7 days old his first full day of office. Amy Coney Barrett, the Supreme Court Justice installed right before this election is the eldest of 7 children, the mother of 7 children, and was serving in the 7th Circuit Court. There are many more 7’s but redundancy might have diminishing returns so I will leave it there.

Your Vote Matters— Two Ways

I am sure you have all heard how your vote matters to the overall result— and that is true. Literally, EVERY state is in play, the dam of lies is breaking, and the most incredible election result in the world’s history is ripe for the picking if you will VOTE, PRAY, BELIEVE, LOVE, and CELEBRATE. In fact, this being the day before the election, if you are going to leave off doing any of these let it be the PRAY part, as only prayers of faith really move things in the right direction. Prayers that are just a pressure release for processing fear and anxiety are okay—  in that they are honest communication with God— but BELIEVING has always been the powerful game-changer. 

But now I want to tell you how your vote matters TO YOU. As I titled this word— “Your VOTE is your BOAT”. You are being observed by heaven and your vote this time is literally a legal spiritual act. To not vote for President Trump is not just an egregious error in judgment, it literally is placing you in the right or wrong boat of destiny. The accountability is particularly high if you are an undershepherd of the Great Shepherd. You do not have a right to your opinions as such but are called to reflect His. You do not have the prerogative of arguing what aspects of President Trump’s personality you don’t like—  as John Piper has done—  and then worse yet (more accountability before God) going public on why you are not voting for him. The religious pseudo-righteous justification of rejection and ridiculous moral equivalents (killing babies vs. “meanness”?!)  just makes it that much greater of a transgression. The failure of discernment at this stage of the game is no longer one without consequence. 

High Accountability of Ministers

At this point, with all President Trump has done and stood for while sacrificing perhaps billions, and daily risking his life for (in heaven he is already viewed as a superhero), to still be calling him out for imperfections to the point of rejecting him is not lightly forgivable. It is akin to resisting David as your king because of his many imperfections while missing the whole plot. There is only one reason a leader in the Body of Christ could still reject President Trump for HIS pride and arrogance— that ONE reason is YOUR pride and arrogance. Yes, I said it, and furthermore, I mean it. Arrogant people are always greatly bothered by others’ arrogance— but worse— they generally mislabel and misjudge confidence as arrogance. It’s a Pharisee spirit. Jesus dealt with it constantly. David’s own eldest brother accused him of arrogance— and HIS (eldest brother) arrogance kept him out of ever having a destiny that mattered. He went from “almost king” as Samuel was initially fooled, to “never heard of again”. 

Prophetic Warning

This is an unabashed prophetic warning I will give right now to undershepherds in the Body of Christ. If you go or have gone on the record of being anti-Trump and do not amend it by election day you will have “never heard of again” written over you—  unless or until you will make as equal a repentance as the level of the statement of rejection against President Trump that you made. One of the strongest themes in the scriptures is the accountability and subsequent judgment for not recognizing who God was sending. All of Israel’s judgments were always preceded by the people having rejected a prophet or leader God had chosen. Bethsaida and Chorazim were to have greater judgment than Sodom and Gomorrah for not recognizing who Jesus was. For ministerial leaders in the Body of Christ, the Trump evidence of call and anointing is so overwhelming, beginning with his name, followed up by who opposes him, followed by what he has advanced— that to miss this one goes under major transgression. This is the last warning for some of you, and yes I am aware it is not “cool” to give this type of warning. Don’t let YOUR PRIDE about someone else’s “pride” do YOU in. He is literally saving your children and your children’s children with his courage.

Tomorrow is Huge!

Tomorrow is obviously huge but for today this is all that I am to say. So much more coming up. If you haven’t voted make that priority #1. You just can not miss weighing in this time in history.




This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Restore 7

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