You Can’t Make this Stuff Up! “It’s Time to Cross Over”

The enemy is mocking with arrogance and confident victory but God will bring a surprise attack that will bring a much-needed victory.

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Last November our family was praying into the timing of the Lord to move from Oregon to Virginia. We felt that the timing was both strategic and important. While we waited upon the Lord a dear friend (who is a part of our personal prayer team) came to our house and gave a prophecy to Jeffrey and me. In the prophetic vision, she saw General George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas night. We knew that we were to be prepared to go at Christmas time. But there is more to this story that is for now!

Here is a glimpse of history regarding when Washington crossed the Delaware. The river was frozen and the conditions were so harsh that though Washington had planned for three separate crossings that night, only one out of three were able to cross over— and the successful one was with George Washington himself. Prior to the crossing, Washington’s carefully planned timetable was so badly behind schedule (due to the adverse weather) that Washington contemplated canceling the attack.

The British army had been warned by a British spy that this surprise attack would take place but the general over the British garrison was arrogant and believed it to be “another false alarm” so did not prepare his troops. Without going into more detail; this crossing and surprise attack secured the Continental Army’s first major military victory of the Revolutionary War. The courageous decision by General Washington was clearly a “succeed or die” scenario.

Now back to the prophetic word given to us regarding “crossing the Delaware…”

We were just in Plymouth, Massachusetts for the 400 year anniversary of the Mayflower arriving on our shores with its pilgrim passengers carrying the Mayflower Compact in hand. While there I happened to mention the prophecy to a very prophetic friend and when I did she said, “Oh, that is very prophetic- way beyond your move to Virginia.” When she said that— it hit my spirit with a clear witness that caused it to be in the front of my mind.

As I write this article, we are on our way back to Virginia from Plymouth, Massachusetts. As we were driving our GPS rerouted us to an unexpected rural road. We found ourselves in a tiny town in New Jersey and on a perilous one-lane bridge crossing a river. As we crossed, the sign ahead of us said,

“Welcome To Washington’s Crossing”

Unknown to us, we had just crossed the Delaware River at the very point that Washington had on Christmas Day in 1776. It was a surprise to us, in a storm, and during a time where we are once again in a national battle.

Remember that the British army had been warned that Washington’s army would cross and attack but the general was arrogant and did not believe and was not prepared— which gave the victory! I believe that this is was a “prophetic rerouted surprise” to speak to us all! Also— remember that General Washington greatly considered canceling the crossing and the surprise attack due to the conditions. But he was given the courage to proceed.

I believe that this is a picture of what we are facing today. We are in a war for our freedom, our righteous foundations to be upheld, and to remain “one nation under God!” Our president is in a battle with such harsh conditions surrounding him that there is surely a struggle to know whether to forge ahead or concede defeat. He is looking at an impossible crossing but we must believe that God will put upon him a spirit of courage such as General Washington was given and even Moses was given when the Red Sea stood before him and God’s people.

The enemy is mocking with arrogance and confident victory but God will bring a surprise attack that will bring a much-needed victory.

We must pray for our president to have the courage to finish what he has planned no matter what he faces! Freedom is coming to our nation— I see light coming and freedom coming. I believe that from now until just after Christmas we will need to battle and have courage because WE WILL CROSS OVER! The crossing of the Red Sea with Moses and the crossing of the Delaware with General Washington are both historic stories that once again speak prophetically into the times we are now living in— and both crossings were successful!

Do not give up! Pray and forge ahead.

This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Oceans in the Desert

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