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Lara Casey helps women find the beauty in the mess. She shows them how to cultivate what’s hidden in the chaos to bring a harvest of life-giving joy.  

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Life is messy. It’s full of ups and downs, deaths and births, sticky situations and soul-lifting laughter. Lara Casey helps women find the beauty in the mess. She shows them how to cultivate what’s hidden in the chaos to bring a harvest of life-giving joy.

One specific way she encourages women to manage the mess is by helping them keep things in order. She describes that she once had “a lot going on in [her] life, and [she] needed a way to simplify. [She] needed a way to figure out how to focus on what matters and let go of the rest.” From this, she created PowerSheets: “an intentional goal setting planner” to help uncover meaningful goals and show you how to take action. She walks you through a process of revealing what is most important in your life and then explains how to set goals to keep those things in priority. These sheets are not only helpful in organizing goals and to-dos, but they are also fun. They are full of color and vibrancy. There are stickers and boxes to write and draw in with large splashes of color and interesting designs.

Along with these wonderful planners, she has created an online community for women seeking to live goal-centered, productive lives. Above the prompt to join the community, Casey writes, “Whatever you want to grow in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Join our community of encouragers, motivators, and friends who are doing this with you.” There are times we all need a little kick in the pants to get things moving. It’s no surprise that a community would form from the people using her planners. Click here to watch a short video on PowerSheets, as well as sign up for the online community of goal-setting, focus-driven women just like you. Click here for the community blog.

Intertwined within all these goal-setting sheets of power and community gatherings is a CEO’s heart for Jesus. Lara Casey is a down-to-earth, Jesus-loving, North Carolina native, and she is in no way shy of expressing her faith and how that belief system dictates what we as followers of Christ should prioritize. It is incredibly comforting knowing that what she has created and how she encourages women to keep things moving all stem from Kingdom principles and the heart of Jesus.

In addition to PowerSheets and the online Cultivate Community, Lara Casey has a personal blog where she shares her journey. On this blog, you get to see how she manages her own life. She vulnerably lets you see what she gives prominence and how she navigates cutting back in areas that aren’t building the kind of life she wants. She shows you how to press into the places that build and nourish a life filled with the things that matter most.

In November 2017, she begins by saying:

November Monthly Goals:

– Prioritize with diligence. – I know this may sound funny, but prioritizing in new ways is my top priority. A friend told me something this week that stuck with me: if everything is a priority, nothing is. Prioritizing means to choose one that is above all the others. I have already searched scripture for direction on this. Here’s the best verse I can find on how to prioritize. This is my verse this month.

Why this goal? So many reasons. I work 40 hours a week as the CEO of a growing company, I homeschool two half-days a week, I have three kiddos I love to love, and I have a marriage to cultivate. I want to do these things well, working heartily from a place of rest and trust in Him.

Casey has two books: Make it Happen and Cultivate.  Make it Happen is “the story of how [she] surrendered [her] fear, took the leap, and got a life. In [her] case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. This is the story of how [she] chose to make ‘it’ happen and how you can, too.” Cultivate is “a grace-filled guide to growing an intentional life.”

Casey is a fierce leader, cutting back the extra fluff in life and choosing to dive deep into the necessary messes to develop very strategic places of growth and peace. In a culture inundated with “more is better,” it’s a breath of fresh air to spend some time reading Casey’s books, blog or diving into PowerSheets to help herd your mass of messes and get a handle on all the things life is throwing at you. She’s an incredible inspiration and a woman to follow.



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