Wrestling With the Truth!

How many out there are attempting to gain in the Revelatory Knowledge area (The Tree of Knowledge) apart from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (the Tree of Life)? 

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While I have read many teachings and Words on this topic over the years, I am still discovering hidden Revelation about it even still today.

Jesus’s declaration of being THE TRUTH in the Book of John, not only sparked controversy in the camp of the Jews, but it also gave us insight into the Old Testament Tabernacle of Moses that we may otherwise never have had.


There were 3 doors in the Tabernacle used by the priests in the time of  Moses to get into the Presence of God within the Veil. The door into the outer court was called the WAY. This Outer Court doorway was the one which anyone could go through for it gave us access to the Altar of Burnt sacrifice (the Cross) and the Laver (the washing of the water of the Word) for salvation is attained in that open-air court for all the world to see.

Past this court, however, there was a Door into the Holy Place and it was Called the TRUTH. Inside of here, only the Priests could go for it was a place of not only relationship with God, but a place of Divine Revelation. This Revelation was the discovery of Who Jesus Christ is and of What (and Who) He is Transforming each of us Into in Him. Inside of Here we find the Altar of Incense (Prayer and Worship), the Table of Showbread (Communion and Fellowship with God), and the Golden Lampstand (the ability to see by the Holy Spirit) in order to Know the Truth and be set Free.

Finally, as we make our way through this room, we come Face to Face with the Veil, which is Called the Life. This is the veil that was torn upon Jesus’s death upon the Cross, giving us access to Him and His Life while also releasing the Holy Spirit into the world to live inside of every believer.

While many believers in this generation have discovered Jesus Christ as the Way, they are wrestling, very heavily in this season, WITH THE TRUTH, not just the Truth of Who Jesus is, but the Truth of Who they are! This Truth issue has caused an identity crisis within the Body of believers because many have forgotten that the major key to Truth is RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS.

The Holy place in the Tabernacle was (and is) as much a place of Relationship as it is meant to be of Revelation. The Problem is that Revelation without Relationship creates a skewed vision of not only Who God is, but also the nature of His Character itself!

Adam and Eve hid in the garden (Genesis 3:8) because their eyes were opened (The Revelatory) but their relationship with God had been damaged by disobedience (they ate of the Tree of Knowledge). How many out there are attempting to gain in the Revelatory Knowledge area (The Tree of Knowledge) apart from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (the Tree of Life)? 

It’s time for us to spend more time at the Table of Showbread (the Fellowship Table), get closer to Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to Transform us More and More into His Image!!! DIVE INTO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD FAMILY! That Relationship will keep you from wandering off in the realm of the Revelatory and ultimately hiding yourself from God, but it will also cause you to experience the Life of God in ways you never have before!

REVELATION MUST BE MARRIED TO RELATIONSHIP IN EACH ONE OF OUR LIVES if we are ever to discover real Truth in Jesus Christ! Today if you’ve found yourself wrestling with the things going on in the Natural Realm it might be because you need your Relationship with God to increase alongside the Revelation that you’re receiving in the Spirit realm.

Get Close to Jesus Christ Family! Put your Face in His Face and keep it there! Only from there can we truly apprehend with all the saints the Height, Depth, Width, and Length of His Love.


May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell in your hearts! May you be ROOTED DEEP IN LOVE and founded securely on love, That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints what is THE BREADTH and LENGTH and HEIGHT and DEPTH [of it];[That you may really come] to know the love of Christ, which FAR SURPASSES MERE KNOWLEDGE; that you may be filled unto all the fullness of God!” Ephesians 3:17-19




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