Worship Spotlight: Grant Me

This song is my hands raised in surrender over that which I cannot change.

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Grant Me is a song of desperate and fervent prayer.

It is the cry of my heart for the grief of this world. A cry because of the confusion and chaos this world brings. Someday this will pass away, but until then, this is my prayer. This song is my hands raised in surrender over that which I cannot change, and to whatever God’s will is for my life. It is me reaching for Abba when it is so dark that I can no longer see. I know He is there. I believe many of God’s children are feeling this weight now, more than ever before. We should try to remember, only the Lord can relieve our pain. We must give it all to Him. Grant Me is an expression of all these emotions, thoughts, and cries into one.


Listen to Grant Me here 


Grant Me

Oh Lord…

Grant me…

All new eyes to see

Your way in front of me.

It’s been so dark here lately…

Oh Lord, Oh Lord.

Grant me a new perspective,

to be objective, and selective.

Oh Lord

Oh Lord, OH Lord…

Grant me…

Rolled in the squalor now I’m on my way back up.

Not because of me, but because of the Lord’s love.

Oh Lord, You have given to me freely.

My prayer is You remind me on the daily.

Yeah, woah…

oh, grant me Lord…

Grant me, Grant me…

Grant me the vision to see truth through Your Word.

To speak the gospel of peace and let Your cause be heard.

Give me the strength to fight in the spiritual world.

Cause we came to save every last boy, and these girls.

Woah, Yeah, grant me, Lord,

Oh Lord grant me the strength to give it to You.





Written by Jenipher Reinhold, also known as Dove.




Featured Image by sspiehs3 from Pixabay


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