Wonder-Working Ones

My wonder-working wonders // make way they’re coming out // with glory, grace, and power // the enemy, they can rout.

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I see My “secret agents”

set forth from this time

the apple of My eye

precious and sublime

Wonder-working people

honed and emptied out

ready for new orders

no worry, fear, or doubt

My eye is always on them

our bonds of love made bold

so perfect

I’ve prepared them

A treasury of gold

Their secret place

is power

their secret place in Me

a place that I’ve prepared them

for their greatest destiny

My Word became to them

a necessary bread

they chew it day & night

they meditate & tremble

and put the enemy to flight

My wonder-working wonders

make way

they’re coming out

with glory, grace, and power

the enemy, they can rout

Wonder-working people

backed by heaven’s dew

coming forth in glory

coming straight for you

Delivering My sons

the earth to be redeemed

from darkness, chains, and bondage

set free from wicked things

Their heart is for the nations

unveiled just as foretold

every rank and order

power to break the mold

Like first-fruits creation

the first of their kind

what they carry

you will marvel

marvel at the light

I’ve been birthed within them

precious through and through

a glorious creation

fullness of time, renewed

Set forth your eye, perceive them

I watch them day & night

forever in My beauty

Like 1000 points of light

Sweet pinnacles of power

dripping from their hands

ready for the glory

ready to make a stand

Arrayed in all My beauty

forever I will gaze

these wonder-working people

bring glory to My name!


Written by Brenda Rundus

Featured Image By Papaioannou Kostas

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