Will You Recognize Me When I Come?

For to him who believes – the realm of My glory will be manifest and you will never be the same.

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And to bring to light for everyone what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things.

As we look for the Spirit’s activity on the earth and try to understand heaven’s moves, I hear the Spirit say:

I love your heart, your passion, and your zeal for My presence. I love your worship and heartfelt intercession. I long to answer your prayers for My Spirit to come in fullness and power. And yet, are you ready for what that looks like? Will you even recognize Me when I come?

I tell you, no one knows what is coming. No one can fathom the depths of My Spirit’s expression and activity that reveals the fullness of My love and power. Why do you think I keep you in the dark concerning various issues? Why do you think I withhold dates and times concerning My next move?

I am preparing you for the unexpected. I am helping you discover the joy of the unseen. I am sanctifying your heart and mind in order to receive that which has never been seen or experienced before. Expect to be surprised. Plan to be taken aback. Stop trying to figure Me out, and simply prepare your heart and mind to believe – and receive. Prepare to be undone by My Wonder and Awe.

In this transition of eras and new beginnings, My creativity is at work. I have never stopped designing new ways of revealing Myself to My creation. It’s who I am as your Creator! I move in unfamiliar ways to express My goodness and My glory because I love to lead you in the process of discovery. It’s the joy of a childlike faith that believes anything and everything is possible. For to him who believes – the realm of My glory will be manifest and you will never be the same.

Yes, continue to sing, to pray, and to worship. Continue to invite My presence and prepare the way. But, also, surrender everything you think you know about who I am and how I move. Lay down your need to know. Surrender your past experiences, both good and bad, and open your heart to unfamiliar realms. Follow My lead and pursue My heart. Those who do will recognize My hand and embrace My presence as I reveal eternal realities hidden from ages past.


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