Will the Real Leaders Please Step Forward

Though we must remain steadfast in prayer, our survival and standing as a nation will ultimately depend on those who lead us.

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Injustice in our nation has opened the door to insurrection and a new kind of civil war is at hand. We have seen mayhem unleashed in our communities because treasonous leaders have sold their souls to a socialist pipe dream and given the keys of their cities to highway bandits. City walls have been breached and the devil’s militia is threatening to go door-to-door. Principalities and powers have hijacked the media and the masses are being brainwashed and manipulated through fear and panic.

This demonic destruction will not stop or be expunged through prayer alone. Though we must remain steadfast in prayer, our survival and standing as a nation will ultimately depend on those who lead us. God always uses people to accomplish His purposes and this present danger will require more than strong leadership from the White House. We must have visible leadership from those who have been given the anointed spiritual authority as shepherds, watchmen, and gatekeepers over our cities. Now more than ever, we need leaders in the Church to rise up and get to the front of the pack to show the way of out this swamp that is getting murkier by the minute.

Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you; not for shameful gain, but eagerly; not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock.” (1 Peter 5:2-3 ESV)

President Trump has been fighting his own battle in stewarding his God-given call to office. But we must do our part. It is anointed leadership from the body of Christ that must be seen taking a stand for righteous rule if we are to see things shift. We cannot expect this world’s systems to fulfill the commission we’ve been given. Now is the time when the Ekklesia must rise up to displace the spiritual aliens that are ruling by default. The Church is the only agent of change that has heaven’s authorization to effectively lead nations and advance the Kingdom on the earth.

In this ongoing turmoil, we are seeing a stark difference between government officials who are merely politicians versus true leaders. Those who are leading their constituents for personal advancement and political gain are failing – miserably. But those who are true civil servants are demonstrating consistent direction through strong leadership with tangible results. The same reality is happening within the body of Christ. Those who have been building their personal platforms as public figures are losing their voice and their visibility. Without a servant’s heart and sincere love for people, the celebrities behind podiums are being replaced with consecrated leaders ready to defend what is true and just.

If you are a leader or influencer in the body of Christ, you need to know how critical you are right now. If He has called you, He has anointed you. If He has appointed you, He has already given everything you need to accomplish the mission. Your success is not dependent on your years of service, your accomplishments in ministry, or even your spiritual disciplines. The release of His Spirit in this hour is dependent on your courage to simply obey. Open your mouth and He will fill it. Take a stand and He will back you up. Declare His truth and trust HIM to accomplish its purpose.

This is not the time to relinquish your God-given role as a leader by deferring to others. Now is the time to model strength in a time of weakness and courage in a time of uncertainty. Now is the time to lead with diligence and the zeal of the Lord (see Romans 12:8). Heaven is looking for humble souls who are just crazy enough to trust Him and not worry about public opinion. Jesus himself had to resist the voices that continually disqualified His direction, criticized His methods, and questioned His authority. You are in good company.

If there’s anything I personally learned from this past Pentecost – it was that God’s Spirit will manifest heaven’s power when we stop working for it and simply yield to it. Rather than trying to work up the courage for some miraculous feat – simply determine to meet a need – speak a word – or do that one thing that no one else will. When you keep your love for the Lord and the zeal for His house at the forefront, your simple acts of obedience open windows to heaven and something incredible happens. Holy Spirit meets you at your point of surrender and uses you in ways your flesh would never imagine. He will take over, show Himself strong, and you will get the blessing in participating.

The best leader is not always the one with the biggest platform or largest following. In heaven’s eyes, they are the ones who follow at all costs and obey out of love. These are the true heroes and anointed leaders stepping forward in this hour. Will you be one of them?



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