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In writing this, my prayer is for the voice of “the least of these” to be returned.

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There are several reasons I wrote For the Silenced Ones.

The first is that I genuinely believe God asked me to. That may sound like a cop-out for some, but indeed He has confirmed in so many ways that this was His idea. I simply have followed through and obeyed. He placed in my life the people needed to make this a reality, sometimes within 24 hours of me asking for the right person to be brought. So, ultimately, this story is God’s story of redemption in one very broken daughter’s life.

The second reason is that there are many whose voices have been silenced by abuse, in many different, varying degrees. One person’s experience may look like a broken arm, another’s like a semi hit them head-on, and another’s that they were hit multiple times by that semi, but in every case, pain is pain. Fear is fear. Hate is hate. Lies are lies. It just may take longer for someone to heal from a broken arm than a head-on collision.

In writing this, my prayer is for the voice of “the least of these” to be returned. The word says that we overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb—Jesus. I pray this story gives courage for others to voice their stories so that more healing can happen.

Thirdly, we are in a time of exposing, purification, and cleansing of the “Church.” This story is uncovering a morbid fact, that in many cases, abuse, even satanic ritual abuse, happens under the “Church” and “Christian leadership” in varying degrees. I believe God must have His “Bride” ready, but how can the “Bride” be ready when there is so much “sin in the camp.” My prayer is that, in the exposure, true repentance and turning from these atrocities might occur. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Lastly, I truly pray this story brings healing, not just to the abused, but to the abuser as well. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to set at liberty those held captive and burdened down with sin. My utmost prayer is that His compassion overwhelms you as you read, and you experience on a very personal level His amazing, endless love for you!



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About the Author

I am the author of For The Silenced Ones. I've been on my own healing journey from CPTSD for some years. Now I am sharing some of the things I've learned along the way to help other overcomers of abuse, and those who care for them. Let's shine the light in the darkness, so that these abuses will end.