Who is Worthy?

The ONLY difference between them and me is JESUS. 

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It’s sad how we pick and choose whom to show grace, mercy, and love. Tragic really. 

I was saved from addiction so when I see the man or woman on the street clearly strung out, heading to the crack house or obviously drunk.

I don’t start berating them with scriptures – telling them the drunkard is destined for hell. 

My compassion kicks in. 

That was me. 

I was them. 

The ONLY difference between them and me is JESUS. 

I speak life into them. 

I speak love, grace, goodness, kindness, and I offer them a solution. 

I tell them about Who saved me. 

I share my story. 

I share God’s LOVE STORY. 

I share the gospel of RADICAL GRACE. 

Why then… is it if someone sins differently than I did…does the narrative change? 

Doesn’t that make me a hypocrite? 

I see believers all up in arms about Pride month when…

76% of young Christian adults 18-24 years old actively search porn websites

59% of pastors said that married men seek their help for porn use.

33% of Christian women polled aged 25-and-under search for porn at least once per month.

23% of pastors polled by churchpew.com admit to watching porn. 

And….who here had sex outside of the marriage covenant? Anyone wanna raise their hand? 

Masturbation? Do I have any takers? 

Lustful thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Jesus said it was the same as performing the act. Any saved folks ready to dig out their eye or chop off their hand? 

How many have made an idol out of getting married? 

Or made a golden calf out of their bank account? 

I could go on…and on…and on. 

We’re mad at the world for acting like the world? 

How about we start by cleaning up the church? 

Sorry, guys – same demonic oppression – different manifestation. 

We were told to set the captives FREE. 

See past the oppression. 

See the person. 

See the opportunity. 

See the redemption story. 

LOVE the person. 

LOVE the person. 

LOVE the person. 

Offer them HOPE. 

And in some cases….deal with your own demons first.



Written by Heidi Davis


Featured Image by Q K from Pixabay

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