Who Has Your Ear?

The greatest victories in the Spirit are many times positioned on the other side of a challenging decision made at the leading of the Lord.

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There may come a time in your life when what you are hearing from the Lord will run contrary to the advice offered by longtime friends and advisors. At that point, you will need to ask yourself a question – who has my ear? Who has your ear will determine your next steps. 

This morning, I read a news clip about a world-class giant slalom skier whose coach left her in the middle of the world championship after years of coaching her. His departure took place after she wanted to make a change in her staff, a decision to which her coach did not agree. After her coach left, she went on to become the most decorated giant slalom skier in history. At her level of performance, the slightest adjustments can make a world of difference when races are won by the slimmest of margins, sometimes by hundredths of a second.

Some of you reading these words are at a critical point of decision-making. You need to make a change in your “coaching” staff and you realize your decision will be rejected. Ultimately, the decision you are facing must be influenced solely by what you are hearing from the Lord, not by anyone else. Following the leading of the Lord never promises a life of undisturbed comfort and relational peace. There will be times when what we hear will upset our world and propel us into new and unchartered territory.

Having our ears tuned to the Lord and following His lead when we have been warned that our decision is not the right one is never easy, but in the end, it will always prove to be right. If we continue to live as slaves to the opinions of others, we will not break the barriers of faith that can hold us back from the victories God has promised. This is not rebellion. It is obedience. 

Some who were previously your most ardent supporters and coaching influences in your life may do what the skiing coach did – they will leave. When this happens, you are not alone. The Lord will be faithful to confirm His word and comfort you as your decision makes the changes in your life that will enable you to move forward. The greatest victories in the Spirit are many times positioned on the other side of a challenging decision made at the leading of the Lord. Those victories will affirm you made the right choice if, in the end, it was the Lord who had your ear.


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