Who Are You?

We as God’s children, were created as a garden and planted there. Yes, God has planted us there, and is still calling us there.  

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Who Am I?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?    An image of a silhouette, is not a complete reflection of who we are, what we look like, nor what features we have.  An image is a representation of the form and features of someone.

A young woman, caring for her small children, realizes sometimes her own identity gets lost or pushed down.  A sacrificed life for our own needs and desires, gets hidden in the urgency of caring for our families.  Then as we age, we are forced into the role of caring for an aging parent.  Such is the circle of life.

Every one of us are subject to it.  Seasons change in our life, yet one thing never changes:  Who You Are!

Whatever season of life you find yourself in, let me exhort you in who you are.

  • You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; You are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.”  Song of Solomon 4: 12
  • You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing water streaming down from Lebanon.”  Song of Solomon 4: 15
  • “You are” is a phrase of the past, present and future.  Nothing can take that from you.  Jesus, our Bridegroom-King, has declared it over our life.

Who you are is who you will always be.  If the circumstances of life, or making wrong choices, has altered who you are, I suggest you meditate on these couple of verses above, to help you journey back to your true identity, IN Christ.

You are a garden locked up, awaiting release.   All the fragrance and beauty of God is inside of you, as a beloved of the Lord.  That may be hard for some to digest, but that’s who Jesus says you are.

A garden is an earthly paradise created by God as a safe enclosure.  We saw the beauty inside of En Gedi, in Israel when my husband and I visited there.  It was breathtaking with waterfalls and clefts of the rock that King David hid in.  There is another location that mankind was born into, the Garden of Eden, the garden of God.

What’s up with gardens?  I’ll bet you heaven is one huge garden, with many walkways and smaller places to sit to enjoy the fragrance of various flowers.  Don’t worry about your allergies, there isn’t any of that in our heavenly home.

We as God’s children, were created as a garden and planted there. Yes, God has planted us there, and is still calling us there.  

In the Book of Beginnings, Genesis, it says, “The Lord God had planted a garden in the east; Eden, and there He put the man He had formed.”  Genesis 2: 8  Remember an image is a form and feature of someone. That someone is our God!  We are created in the image of God.  We should not see ourselves any other way.

Yes, men of God, you are formed in His image to garden dwellings as well.  All of this garden and flower talk, about the Bride of Christ, is for you as well.    Adam was placed in that garden before, woman.  Mankind was formed for garden-living and garden-imaging.   

The word “Eden” is a word synonymous with paradise and related to a Hebrew word meaning, bliss or delight. There is also a Mesopotamian word for Eden, meaning, a “plain.”

It seems plain to me that God has called us His Garden of Delight, to enjoy His blissful, joyful, presence, being free to eat from His garden, and savor the view and fragrance that is all around us.   We were not just called to eat, but to “Work it and take care of it.”  Genesis 2: 15  

Without working it, we would live a plain and ordinary life.  We were called to MORE–Created in the image of God, called to cultivate and plant, activating all the gifts inside of us.

The Holy Spirit released in us produces a picture of who Jesus is, as He develops us.    Who Jesus is, is displayed through our life and through the giftings inside.  Tap into the MORE and see what God will produce through the Holy Spirit.  Let Him unlock that garden inside.

We were called to Paradise, called to taste and eat, and to be His garden.  Who you are IN HIM, is who you will always be.  The garden created in the beginning, is now a place that, IN HIM, we will all enter into, in the end, His garden–His paradise.  We are called to this place, as a newborn, as a newborn believer, and called to the same place as a saint, a saint of old.

When God took man and woman placing them in His garden, He was placing them in His care, in His heart and in His purpose of who we are.  More importantly, He was establishing us to show us to whom we belong. We belong to God, flourishing in Him, bearing His image, releasing His beauty, not ours.  

Who you are, is connected to whom you belong. Where are you allowing God to take you? How deep are you permitting?

He has formed us, to transform us.  This is a continual process of His Holy Spirit.  He cultivates and plants as we yield to being formed and transformed.  The unclear image, we see in the beginning, has now become a display of His beauty, not for only us, but for others to see.  This is who you are and who you were created to be.  Settle that question today!

You are, because of I Am!

Formed And Being Continually Transformed,

Mary Beth Pecora

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