Who Are You Yoked With?

Never come under the influence of anything or anybody.  Control and conformity will set in.  

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Do we understand what being yoked means?   I’m not talking about the inside of an egg that has cholesterol.  

In a Biblical sense, being unequally yoked is referring to an Old Testament verse, “Do not plow with an ox and donkey together.”  (Deuteronomy 22: 10)  Animals of different strength and weight could not be used and yoked together.  Being unequally yoked speaks of joining two things together that should not be joined.  

Paul was speaking about an unbeliever and believer coming together in marriage.  He was saying, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.”  (2 Corinthians 6: 14)  Remember, “We are the temple of the Living God.”  (2 Corinthians 6: 16)  

Environments can influence what we believe.  Paul is not saying not to have interaction with unbelievers. He’s talking about being under the teaching of a false teacher, which could affect what we believe.  

There is a union and harmony that unites believer to believer with Christ.  There’s a oneness in the Spirit that is beautiful.  If we are yoked to like-minded, Spirit-filled believers, who are carrying out the assignments of God, what would happen?  That’s the mission and commission of the church.  If we unite and bond, we can change the world.  Awaken and position us, Lord!  

We all see how some of the Israelites and kings would worship the Lord, yet kept participating in their idol worship to their pagan gods.  God was telling the leaders to smash these high places of worship and idols.  “Come out from them and be separate.”  (2 Corinthians 6: 17)  

  • Never come under the influence of anything or anybody.  Control and conformity will set in.  

Paul warned us by asking, “Are we conformed to this world or are we being transformed by the renewing of our mind?”  (Romans 12: 2)

  • Be transformed into a life with Christ.
  • Be yoked to the Lord.  He has said,  “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30)”  (Shared from 2 Corinthians 6: 14-7: 16, Modified)

Nahum the prophet says to Nineveh, “I will break their yoke from your neck and tear your shackles away.”  (Nahum 1: 13)  Ouch!  He means business.  

He continues, “I will destroy the carved images and cast idols that are in the temple of your gods.”  (Nahum 1: 14)

They were yoked to their idols and carved images, which is a defilement against our God.  

(Shared from Nahum 1, Modified)

God Breaks The Yokes  King Hezekiah is praying to the Lord; he is afraid after hearing what the Assyrian king had done to the other nations.  He is crying out for Jerusalem.  “O Lord, our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all kingdoms on earth may know that you alone, O Lord, are God.”  (2 Kings 19: 19)

Isaiah sends a messenger reassuring Hezekiah that Sennacherib, king of Assyria will fall.  He puts his mind at rest saying, “He will not enter this city or shoot an arrow here.  He will not come before it with a shield or build a seize against it.”  (2 Kings 19: 32)

  • Our God breaks yokes and chains that have us bound, even that yoke of fear!
  • Believe what God has promised.  

That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp.”  (2 Kings 19:35)   

The people got up the next morning to all of these dead bodies.  King Sennacherib withdrew and returned to Nineveh, the land of idols.  He goes into a temple to worship his god, and his sons come in and slaughter him with their swords.  

 “So stand strong for our freedom! The Anointed One freed us so we wouldn’t spend one more day under the yoke of slavery, trapped under the law. ”  (Galatians 5: 1)  

Here’s another passionate version:

 “Let me be clear, the Anointed One has set us free—not partially, but completely and wonderfully free! We must always cherish this truth and stubbornly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.”  (Galatians 5: 1, TPT) 

(Shared from 2 Kings 19, Modified)  





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