Which Jesus?

Jesus is so much more than a lovey-dovey, people-pleasing pacifist whose goal is to get people to like Him and to make us happy.

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This could just be me…but it seems like there are large chunks of Jesus’ character and personality that don’t get a lot of press nowadays.

You know what I mean?

It’s as if both secular society, and unfortunately much of the church, is on some kind of desperate PR campaign aimed at making Jesus as politically correct and agreeable to everyone as possible.

The “Jesus” being propagated today is all love and no bite. He’s never said a sharp word to anybody; He’s incapable of getting the least bit angry. He’s not confrontational…in fact, He’ll only get in your face on FaceBook, when He pops up on your newsfeed occasionally with a cheesy grin to say “I love ya”.

He’s pretty chill, too; all He requires of you is that you be the nicest person you can be. Just live your life and let Him be a part of it every once in a while. Don’t worry too much about the “S” word…you know…sin. It’s not as big a deal as some people make it out to be.

And this whole “Son of God” business? Well, Jesus didn’t really mean that literally. He’s simply an excellent moral teacher, maybe even a prophet, who only taught about love, equality, non-discrimination, and good works. He’s a great example amongst other great examples, a philosopher whose teachings are applicable to certain life situations…but He’s not really someone that we are accountable to.

Or is He?

Please don’t believe the hype. Jesus is so much more than a lovey-dovey, people-pleasing pacifist whose goal is to get people to like Him and to make us happy. This weak, anemic “Jesus” is not the one I know.

The One I know indeed epitomizes love…and that same love is demonstrated both in meekness and in righteous indignation. He graciously reaches out His hands to those who are dubbed as rejects by society, and He has a sharp word or two for those who hypocritically look down their noses at others, without first considering their own faults.

He can condemn sin and yet pardon the sinner, all in the same breath. In fact, He’s the only judge who’s ever handed out a death sentence and then got up from the judge’s bench to take it Himself. His words are not just words to live by…they are the words of life itself. Oh, yeah…and as far as confrontation is concerned, He confronted death itself on mankind’s behalf…and made a fool out of it.

Speaking of confrontation, I’d like to confront you now with a question…which Jesus do you know?


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