Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Jesus, our ultimate model, was gifted to lead as well. Of course He was, He is God!

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Remember the old cliche, “Where You Lead I Will Follow?”   Carole King, American Music Artist, even composed a song with the same title.  I can still visually see the Album cover that we played on our Record Player.  I played this song, over and over again, while sitting in my room as a teen.  Boy, am I dating myself! Those of you in my age bracket will understand.

Fast-forwarding to today, the truth is, that people need and want someone to follow.  We need leaders!  Some folks are natural-born leaders and gathering a following for them is easy.  If this is you, in your youth you led those around you, while quickly developing your leadership skills.  Today, you are managing and leading in your place of work.  Perhaps, you are mentoring those and being a model for many.

Jesus, our ultimate model, was gifted to lead as well. Of course He was, He is God!  If we look at how His ministry began, the common phrase He used was, “Follow Me.” I believe He used that phrase because He knew that people need to be directed.  Yes, people need direction, whether we are a leader or follower.  Leaders may be visionaries and initiate the lead, but they still follow a direction.   If you are a self-starter or need to come alongside one who is leading, do it confidently.  Learn to let Jesus be your leader.  Holy Spirit is always wanting followers, those who are willing to yield.

There are certain Scriptures that the Lord highlighted while composing this.  He even orchestrated a song, to play randomly, to drive home the point.

As I was compiling this writing, here’s how the Holy Spirit led to the promises we have been given.  I am learning to yield and follow.  We gotta practice what we preach!

“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong.”  (Exodus 23: 2)  

  • Learn to make good choices, even if you are alone in doing so.
  • Good choices will preserve you.  

Sure wish I would have learned this one earlier in life!  Hey, it’s still a new day and never too late.

“Teach me, O Lord, to follow your decrees; then I will keep them to the end.”  (Psalm 119: 33)    End of what?  Probably our life.

  • We have choices each and every day that will preserve us.  Why? “Your promise preserves my life.”  (Psalm 119: 50)  Yes, when we follow our Shepherd (Jesus), we are preserved.
  • He wants us to follow Him so His promises will follow us.  Why?

“Surely goodness and faithful love and mercy will follow us all the days of our life.”  (Psalm 23: 6)  

It’s one thing when we follow after Him, but knowing He is pursuing us to eternally bless us, is a whole new dimension.  That’s who our Jesus is and what He does!

Eternally Following After,

Mary Beth Pecora

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