Where Do You Stand?

Where are you standing today? On whose side? With God or with the world? Have you made your choice?

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Where do you stand

When it comes to My plan?

Is it upon My Word

Or from the mouths that you’ve heard?

Where do you stand

During this time of great loss?

Is your faith in Me

And what I gave you at the Cross?

Where do you stand

As you look at the path ahead?

Will you take hold of My hand

Trusting ME where you tread?

Where do you stand

When you hear ugly things people say?

Will you continue to have faith

Are you willing to obey?

Where do you stand

As you see the world torn in two?

Is your faith ground in Me

Knowing I will bring you through?

Where do you stand

When darkness is all around?

Are you still seeking Me, My child

Knowing I can still be found?

Where do you stand

When people you love turn away?

Will you cling to Me and My Word

Or will you begin to stray?

Where do you stand

As My time to return draws near?

Have you made your choice?

Is your decision to all truly clear?



Joel 3:14

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.



Father God,

I stand with You and upon Your Word. I will not turn away no matter the fate of this land. My trust and my hope is in You Alone. I place all I am, all I have, and all I ever will be in Your hands. I choose this day and every day to walk by Your side, holding onto Your hand and clinging to Your Word of Truth. Let me not be deceived. Let me be found ever faithful as You are Faithful. Let me be a vessel You can use in this hour and in the coming days ahead to speak only Your Truth and to reach out healing hands to a hurt and broken nation. May I see with Your eyes, feel with Your heart, move with Your compassion, and touch with Your hands. Let me speak with Your voice. Let others see only You when they look at me. This is my heart cry, Father. May I be so wrapped up in You that there is no difference, no separation. May I be so close to You that You are the very air I breathe. My own heartbeat. And when my days here are done, may I live on with You for all eternity. I long for the day when I may truly hear, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest of your Lord.” Amen.



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