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After that whole ordeal of life running away from God, I began to study His word.

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Recapture the love relationship you once shared with the Lord. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” James 4:8. Humility Cures Worldliness.

God had given me a beautiful life, and  I turned away from that beautiful life and from Him when I thought He was calling me to preach the Gospel. My life spiraled out of control as a result of running from Him. I allowed the enemy to steal more than 17 years of my life from me as I wandered in darkness in the wilderness and away from God.

But in my desperate, repentant, and humbled heart, I cried out to God, and in His infinite, great mercy towards me, He gave me Joel 2:25, “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts have eaten.” And that is exactly what He is doing in my life today! Restoring my life.

After that whole ordeal of life running away from God, I began to study His word and learn much as I spent more and more time with Him in prayer and learning His heart for His people. While with Him, He began to give me devotionals, devotionals that I’ve shared with many. One of the devotionals He gave me is titled “When You Find Me,” and it goes like this:

When you find Me, you will find that I’ve been right here all along. You see, I never left you… you left Me. But now that you know I am still here for you, what is your heart’s desire?

When you find Me, you will discover that I am still your faithful Father. I am your Rock to lean on. Let Me have all of your burdens; they’re weighing you down, and you were not designed to carry such a heavy load.

When you find Me, stay for a while, spend time with Me. I will make everything good for you again. Stay close to Me and never let Me go. Life is not desirable without Me.

When you find Me, let the world know all about Me. There are others that need Me just as much as you do, so share Me with others. Tell them of My goodness and how much I care for them. Tell them I am here to take on their struggles. I died on the Cross for you and for them. Death couldn’t keep Me in the grave, and neither shall it keep you there.

Come alive again, My child; you have much work to do. I created you for service; for Kingdom building; for helping to see others through. And in helping others, you will begin to see your way through. When You Find Me, Never Leave Me Again, My Child, Never Leave Me Again.


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