When Trials Linger

Your suffering will be rewarded, and you will reap your harvest of promise if you do not give up.

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Beloved, do not misinterpret the problem, or the length thereof, that your Heavenly Father is angry with you, or that He has forgotten you, or that the promise He gave you is no longer remembered. Remember David. David took the time and effort to stay connected emotionally to the love and faithfulness of Father even in the midst of his pain through the problems he experienced, on every side and in increasing measure.
I bless your spirit and ask Father for special grace for the mercy portion of your spirit, to stay connected to the truth of the love and faithfulness of Father throughout the duration of the problem, be that short or long.
When a problem does last for years, Beloved, I ask Holy Spirit to remind you of David, of the love and faithfulness of your Heavenly Father, and of your promise. I ask Holy Spirit to remind you of David’s lasting dynasty. The longer and more intensive the problem, the greater the calling and the impact you have. In the face of that level of problem, I bless your spirit with joy—and confident hope–that you will see the fruit of the suffering of your soul, as Jesus did, and be satisfied.
In other words, your suffering will be rewarded, and you will reap your harvest of promise if you do not give up.
A weapon formed against you at this point is the targeted lie that Father’s ancient enemy whispers to you regarding doubt. Did Father really say? Did He forget you? Father’s ancient enemy wants you to doubt that Father sees you, that He remembers, that He spoke and will fulfill His promise. If he can get you to buy into the doubt webs he attempts to cast over your mind; then he can get you into discouragement and disappointment. The point of that assault is to cause you to default on your promise by ceasing to be vigilant about leaning into Father and leaning into processing through your emotions and experience to come out on the other side, solidly built on what Father says is right and just.
I decree this will not happen in your life. Your Heavenly Father has marked you as His own, and you are sealed with His Spirit by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is your Heavenly Father’s good will for you to receive the promise (both your personal promises along the way and your overall calling) to give you hope to continue through the training ground of the problem and to walk victoriously into provision like David did. I bless your spirit to be bathed in so much joy of the Lord, to have so great an anchor to the truth of how this principle walks out, that you will recognize by the power of the Holy Spirit any and every flaming arrow, every lie, sent your way, and you will be able to quickly extinguish them with your shield of faith and sword of the Spirit. In times of great vulnerability, I ask the Lord Jesus Christ himself to fill you with His own joy and to hold you steady, so you do not sink. I ask Father to place a friend in your life who will speak life and joy and remembrance of the love and faithfulness of Father God to you.


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