When the Purple Martins Come

When the Purple Martins Come

Written By Rosemarie Fogarty

All through college, Rose Turner fought racism with her sharp wit and her even sharper mouth. It took God trapping her on the mountain, God’s Bend, with two white women to change her attitude. Over the years, Rose manages to keep peace in her heart and a zipper on her mouth, until the day she accepts an invitation to be the guest speaker at the college she graduated from. This speaking engagement not only stirs up old feelings for Rose, it also catches the attention of an ambitious local newspaper reporter. Rose’s juicy background prompts the reporter into lobbying Rose for an exclusive interview. She reluctantly accepts, but only if it’s done on God’s Bend. After some prodding, he agrees to go. When he begins his journey to God’s Bend, he’s a career seeking, hothead with a bitter taste in his mouth for God and religion, but, through his many humorous encounters with the women of God’s Bend, his hard, negative, doubting, demeanor begins to chip away. Not only is he changed by the impact that God’s Bend has on him, but he also didn’t see beautiful Rennie coming.

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A young journalist goes on an assignment to interview a woman famous for her past experiences and involvement in civil rights. He has no idea what awaits him on his journey to God’s Bend and the effect that the occupants will have on his life. The way the author weaves romance and comedy with the spiritual transformation of this young man entices the reader to want more. This book provides a story very relevant to today’s society and our need for spiritual substance. I enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to others. – Brenda JP Robinson

Rosemarie Peltier Fogarty, grew up in the diverse culture of rural Savannah, Georgia, in the 1970’s. The peaceful, unbiased, atmosphere within her neighborhood helped her escape the tension of racism during that time in the South. Rosemarie still lives in the same neighborhood she grew up in, with her husband, son and three granddaughters. They share a home with two horses, four dogs, four cats, a bird and two hamsters.