When God Calls the Shots

Keep your eyes focused on the insides of the scope. Its field of view is narrow for a purpose.

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During a conference call with friends whose ministry is preparing to make a global impact, an image came to mind. After sharing the image with my friends, I felt it had application beyond our conversation to others who will read these words.

The image was of someone looking through a rifle scope aiming at a target in preparation to make a shot. The problem was the reticle, the crosshairs inside the scope. They were moving, not stationary as would be the case when viewing a target through a normal scope. The vertical crosshair was moving independently of the horizontal crosshair. Whenever the shooter saw the target, the moving crosshairs did not allow them to take a shot.

I know the history and character of my friends. Talented, gifted, and faithful are just a few words I would use to describe them. Those attributes have not always been appreciated or employed by those they were called to serve. The moving reticle wasn’t their circumstances or the dishonoring relationships they had to endure. It was a work of God that was not allowing the crosshairs of their calling to come into alignment until a specific moment in time decided by the Lord. He was bringing the crosshairs of their ministry together over a target that will have a historic impact on God’s Kingdom.

If this image describes your life and the frustration you are feeling waiting for the crosshairs of your calling to come into alignment, I want to encourage you. Chasing moving crosshairs can be a dizzying and discouraging task. Like my friends who exhibited Godly character and honor through seasons of disappointment, this will be your assignment in the time of waiting. Keep your eyes focused on the insides of the scope. Its field of view is narrow for a purpose.

The Lord is keeping you on target as He prepares all the elements involved at the point of impact for the arrival of your obedience. When the crosshairs finally come into alignment you will hear His voice give the command to fire. The Lord is the one who calls the timing of these shots, not us.


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