What’s Gods Opinion of Your Life?

There’s only one opinion that really matters to me, and that is God’s!

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Everyone in this world can give you an opinion about something. Let’s face it, there’s no shortage of people who will be willing to agree with you about the situations in your life or those things which you’re upset by, but how many of them (and which of them) are important to you?

When I was going through difficult situations and things that upset me, I was always able to find an ear willing to agree with me, even in the midst of misery. However, I found that those opinions were not the ones that were going to propel me forward where I was really wanting God to carry me.

Gideon (in the book of Judges) had developed an opinion about himself, the situation of his family, where he stood as an individual within that family, and even where Israel stood as a nation itself.

If you read the account, when God shows up, Gideon’s description of himself and everything else would often mirror that of our own opinions of how we see ourselves most of the time. Beat up, beat down, just trying to survive spiritually and physically, hiding what we can get in this life from the enemy and just attempting to survive when God begins to relay His opinion about us!

God’s opinion about Gideon never misses a beat. Not only did He not agree with Gideon’s opinions about himself or the nation that he was in, but He revealed that which was true about Gideon by revealing His Destiny for Gideon in the process.

God replaced Gideon’s “Oh,” “If,” and “Why” with a concept of victory in every situation that he was in, but in order to do that, God had to undo the perceptions that Gideon already had about himself. That meant challenging all of the idols in his life, which he had replaced the Lord with, by tearing them down completely and replacing them with an altar to the Lord only.

Through this process, not only did Gideon start hearing the Word of the Lord personally, but his perceptions about himself and everything else around him shifted to what God’s opinions were instead of that of his own.

To me anymore, there’s only one opinion that really matters to me, and that is God’s! His opinion of me will always direct me towards my Destiny in Him, decreeing and declaring victory in my life over the circumstances, situations, and challenges that I face every day!

It is through the Power of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit operating in our lives that we have gained an incredible victory regardless of what we may come up against.

Today maybe you’re looking for someone to agree with you in the situations that you’re facing. The circumstances you’re up against may look impossible to deal with, but as the Lord comes to you in this situation, you’re going to hear a different opinion and approach than the norm!

God’s going to decree and declare over your life His opinion and the finished work that He’s doing in your life! Not the misery, defeated, and demonically inspired situations that you’re facing, but that of an Overcomer in Christ, and that you can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you!

If you need an opinion this morning, I challenge you TO HEAR HIS, and when you do, begin to agree with it because His Truth triumphs all others, even yours! God will not agree with you in your misery, but He will show you where your victory is in its place!!!


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