Whatever You Do, Don’t Self-Sabotage

We need to hold back rash action that will cast the fragments of our dreams.

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Some lessons in life you pay too much for, like they literally cost you much more than your flippant first thoughts ever anticipated. These are at times simply a rash decision on the spur of the moment. I’ve had at least two of those occur in the past 10 years—two too many.

But then there are the moments when you feel like giving up. Your attitude is one of throwing in the towel, and it’s always premature, for the faith that wins out eventually is vindicated at the proper time.

But it’s understandable that we arrive at those points where we say, “It’s no use!”

We just cannot afford to act on those feelings. We need to hold back rash action that will cast the fragments of our dreams into oblivion beyond our worst despair.

Whatever you do, even if it feels a complete and utter waste of time, don’t self-sabotage. Don’t throw your cards. Keep your hand, and keep trying as long as you’ve got wind in your lungs and blood surging through your veins.

It’s often years later when we look back at the wisdom of our inaction at a time when action would have ruined what was going to take place.



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