What to Do when America is Turning Away from God

We need to pray that these smoldering embers turn into a raging fire.

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America has turned away from God. We now have leaders in charge that support abortion, LBGQT’s so-called “rights”, allowing men to use girl’s toilets and shower facilities while competing in their sports, and a slew of other ungodly things.

What are we Bible-believing Christians to do? I answered this question in a previous blog entitled “When who you voted for doesn’t get elected”. We’re to keep on doing what God has called us to do in the first place. It’s never easy to see our great country morally slide down into the abyss. Israel did this many times in the book of Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and all of the Old Testament prophets. But God always had a righteous remnant of true believers who remained faithful thru all of their moral slides. Yes, Israel got worse with each slide. God would cause revival but it was always short-lived and it’s getting shorter in our time now. Eventually, God punished Israel by having foreign nations conquer them.

America is not to that point yet and there’s no guarantee that we will ever be. 2Chronicles 7:14 provides us a way out. Right now, in the non-western world, there is a revival going on. There are small beginning embers of it here in America. Read 3 Signs the 3rd Great Awakening Has Begun We need to pray that these smoldering embers turn into a raging fire. Read Psalms 80:1-3, 14-19 & 85:4-6.

America has had several revivals before, but it seems like the light is getting lighter and the dark is getting darker. Even secular politicians are noticing this divide. Read It Took Decades for America to Become this Divided

Most prophecy experts agree that it will get very dark before the Lord’s return. They also agree that the birth pangs are getting more frequent and more intense (Matthew 24). Whenever the Lord does come back, He will find His faithful remnant (Romans 9:27). Maybe you can be one of those faithful.

But until that time, we need to be going about the Lord’s work in our personal, work, spiritual, family, and political lives. Jesus is the Lord of our whole life and we need to glorify Him in all areas of it. Even if the majority doesn’t agree with us. Remember, I’d rather be judged by the world and stand with God than stand with the world and be judged by God.

What has God called you to do in your private and public life? What gifts and talents has He given you to accomplish your calling? Do you even know what your calling is? How does He want you to boldly stand up for His truth? Even if you make mistakes, at least you’ll be doing something for Him. The time may be short. May you be doing what He has called you to do when He returns.




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