What I Know to be True about God

My King, my Lord, My Shepherd, paid my ransom for not only an eternal place in His Kingdom, but for a richly, abundant life now, here on earth.

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I could give you book knowledge truth about God but, I will instead, give you what I personally know to be true about God from personal experience. My God is a Savior and a Shepherd who willingly went into the ugliest, dirtiest, most awful of places to rescue ME from the grips of hell itself. As King of all nations, as Creator of every living, breathing thing…HE, He personally left His throne and castle and came to the depths of hell to rescue me.

Upon arrival, He didn’t appear as Judge, rather, He appeared as Abba Father…clothed in grace, mercy, compassion, and utter love. He wrapped His cloak around me signifying a conversion from harlot to heir. My God gave HIS life for MINE. He literally shed His blood on Calvary to save my soul from eternal darkness and separation from Him. My King, my Lord, My Shepherd, paid my ransom for not only an eternal place in His Kingdom, but for a richly, abundant life now, here on earth, to walk in His power, authority, and dominion over darkness. My God promoted me from sinner to victor, from dirty to spotless, from lost to seated at His right hand.

My God is so much more than Redeemer. He is Jehovah Raphah, Healer. My God not only cleansed me of all my sins and past transgressions, pains, and torment…but He also healed my body inside out. He removed every offense, every record of wrong, every memory of old. He healed my physical body from auto-immune disease, Thyroid Disease, dislocated shoulder, and so much more. I watched my God save my son’s life after being run over by a one-ton truck hauling a 1,000 lb round bale of hay. I watched my God literally heal his face from 2nd and 3rd degree burns, burns physically disappearing before my eyes. I watched my God raise my brother from death twice and save his life from a massive heart attack. I watched my God close several holes in my daughter’s heart. I’ve watched my God miraculously heal strangers before my eyes as we prayed together.

My God has transformed my heart from bitterness to love. My God has shown me how to respond to hate and anger with the same grace and mercy He has shown me. I am watching my God work through me to save my lost family members. My God moves in my children. My God walks with me daily. He speaks to me through His creation, in dreams and visions, and sometimes, with an audible voice. My God is more real than anything I’ve ever known. Everything that the Bible says about who God is, I have personally experienced and know to be true about who God is.



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Ann Lindholm is the wife of a former US Army Ranger (Her hero) and mother of four children and one son-in-law. She homeschools her three younger children and is a full-time homemaker and a very part-time companion sitter for hospice. Ann also walks in inner healing and deliverance ministry with other ladies and couples. She created a ministry called Damascus Report, where she shares bible lessons and ministry for the broken. She is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and attempts to be led by the Spirit in all that she does. Although she is far from having arrived, she has learned a great deal through personal life experiences. Ann became an unwed mother at age nineteen. She has experienced some personal trauma in her life that she has had to overcome emotionally and spiritually. She raised her children for twelve years while her husband was deployed or away at training much of the time, faithfully serving our great nation. She grew up Roman Catholic and gave her life completely to Christ at the age of twenty-one. Her salvation experience was dramatic and life-changing. It is from these experiences and her personal relationship and growth with the Lord that she passionately writes and yearns to share the love of Jesus with whomever will listen. Writer, AuthorAnnLindholm writes books about spiritual growth and self-help from a biblical perspective and personal experiences.