We’re Not Just Voting for a Candidate-We’re Choosing a Kingdom

Though individuals within both parties are flawed and compromised, the written records of each party testify to their intent and bear witness in heaven’s courts.

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As Election Day draws closer, arguments are heating up and tensions are rising. Fingers are pointing and people are fixated on headlines and hearings. But, the presidential candidates are not the only ones being weighed in the balance.

The warfare we are facing isn’t just about the outcome of an election. It’s ultimately about the readiness of the Ekklesia to take her place. The battles we’ve gone through have been a test. The Church is on trial, and we are being evaluated as to our readiness to spiritually govern a nation. The hearing for the next Supreme Court justice is but a prophetic reflection of our own hearing now taking place in heaven’s courts. Are we ready to judge with heaven’s eyes and the King’s heart? Are we ready to reside over the affairs of man with the righteousness of God’s Word? How we respond – and how we vote – will determine our future legislative authority, both in the natural as well as the spirit.

“Your throne, O God, will last forever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your Kingdom.” (Psalm 45:6 NIV)

The values and platforms of the two major political parties are diametrically opposed to one another and represent two different kingdom mindsets. The Democratic party’s platform presents a vision where man is god and government is the source. They promise freedom from authority and provision without cost. Their utopia is one without God, without prayer, and without any adherence to the timeless principles of God’s Word. Without embracing a biblical worldview, they are leading their followers to a socialist servitude that will only bring a poverty of both soul and spirit. It is a kingdom of man’s making that is doomed to fail.

The Kingdom of heaven does not compromise truth for man’s approval or sacrifice righteousness for an earthly reward. It is unwavering in its adherence to God’s laws and the free will of man. Unlike the Democratic platform, the platform of the Republican Party honors and embraces the sovereignty of God and the authority of absolutes. Their written record clarifies a position where life is sacred and covenant is valued. The vision they present, and the actions they’ve already taken, are much more aligned to a biblical worldview and Kingdom priorities.

Though individuals within both parties are flawed and compromised, the written records of each party testify to their intent and bear witness in heaven’s courts. They have both clearly presented the values they hold and the unseen kingdoms they serve. When we cast a vote for a candidate and their party, we are bearing witness to their worldview and the kingdom for which they stand. Thus, we are not simply voting to put a man in office, we are choosing which kingdom we will serve. We must realize the gravity of this choice on both sides of the veil.

Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. (Luke 12:51)

We have been praying for mercy, but it is a time of reckoning. We can no longer waver between two opinions. Time is short and before we can have any lasting peace, there is a painful separation that must occur between the kingdoms of men and the Kingdom of God. Especially within the Church, we must make the right choice for the right reason. Just recently, a growing number of prominent church leaders have sided with enlightened thought and a humanist agenda, thus making the wrong choice. Saying they are “evangelicals” who now justify murder in the womb for a better “qualify of life”, they have stirred heaven’s fury. There will be dire consequences for their decision, as there will be for any who not only defy God’s Word but use His name to justify their disobedience (see Jeremiah 23:38-40). We must not give in to the ways of men for empty claims of social relevance.

Our values are determined by who we serve, and our conscience is only as good as what we feed it. If we are going to vote our values or our conscience, we cannot bow to mainstream thought or feed on public opinion, but abide in the Living Word that never changes and is forever just. The kingdoms of man may be alluring to the flesh, but for those who will not trade their eternal inheritance for a bowl of spoiled soup, the lasting promises of the Kingdom of heaven are worth the fight.


Watch this short video clip where I talk about spiritual authority, a biblical worldview, and voting our conscience.




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