Weapons of Mass Destruction: We Must Not Let the Media Raze Our Nation

Perhaps the greatest existential threat to our republic is the mainstream media. They have shed all pretense and are programmed for a mission that we cannot allow to succeed!

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OPINION – President Trump has often proclaimed “fake news” to be “the enemy of the people.” Of course, the media takes great offense to this—apparently because they acknowledge that they are, indeed—”fake news.”

Some take issue with using the term “fake news” and calling them “the enemy of the people.”  I would have to agree that referring to the mainstream media as “fake news” is probably not right—because it tends to understate the magnitude of their deception and impact. It sounds way too innocent.

In reality, these media members are propagandists creating a false reality and provocateurs sowing division and hatred. They are political operatives working to seize power and usher in communism. They are tools of the New World Order masterminds, ultimately doing the work of the enemy.

Accordingly, calling the media out as the enemy is not just RIGHT—it is NECESSARY. They are among the greatest threats to our republic, our freedoms, and our way of life—even more so than China, Iran, or North Korea.

Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV) tells us that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

Considering these words of truth, the media are effectively hired assassins.

They relentlessly antagonize and attack their enemies with non-stop judgment and criticism. This practice is amplified to previously unseen levels for our President because he is a true outsider working for the good of the People—and the biggest threat ever encountered by the shadow cabal.

On one hand, the media’s gargantuan self-righteousness, disgusting vitriol, and condemning words scream that they are abundantly smarter, they are exceedingly wiser, and that without exception, they simply know better about any and every topic or matter.

Yet, despite the media’s self-proclaimed intellectual and moral superiority, they pose questions, advance arguments, and make assertions that require a super-abundance of intellectual dishonesty or a third-grade mentality to embrace.

They routinely point to rigged poll results to support whatever narrative they are charged with advancing that fail to pass a smell test from 40 miles away. For instance, yesterday, a major news network released polling “data” showing Joe Biden enjoying a 21-point lead nationally despite his infrequent campaign events struggling to turn out more than 5 attendees while the President attracts mass gatherings in the 10’s of thousands and is honored with massive boat rallies and parades organized by Patriotic citizens.

This is the same mainstream news media that spent the summer broadcasting in front of burning buildings, torn-down statues, and looted businesses while gaslighting viewers by reporting the activities as mostly peaceful protests. Pay no attention to what you actually see and hear because they are the real arbiters of truth.

The media also spent three years indignantly waxing poetic about protecting the sanctity of our elections while they were spinning the false narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election.

Now that this farcical assertion has proven to be false, and that the evidence instead points to the Democrats colluding with foreigners to create this hoax, the media’s new narrative is that election fraud is virtually impossible and non-existent. They immediately shoot down any concerns raised about potential election integrity issues, mocking the mere suggestion.

Why? Because they are providing cover to the Democratic Party’s plans and schemes. Unsolicited mail-in ballots, lax voter ID, and ballot harvesting open the door wide open to foreign government interference and voter fraud. The fake polls also provide the required illusion of support—particularly when a candidate appears to register zero on the Seismometer of Enthusiasm.

How can you pivot from daily pleadings demanding the sanctity of our elections to openly dismissing and providing cover for enormous risk points? Any intellectually honest person knows the answer.

In the age of the Plandemic, the news networks have exerted every effort to stoke fear and panic. Even worse, they have smeared and sabotaged the use of a 70-year old, safer-than-aspirin drug that has yielded excellent results around the world fighting COVID. All the while, they perpetually displayed the uber-ominous COVID Death-O-Meter and suggested that the President was to blame for the ever-rising death toll.

When “peaceful protests” grabbed the headlines and the COVID trajectory waned, the networks finally dropped the constant imagery to instill angst that your demise was only a few droplets away. Interestingly, when President Trump was hospitalized last weekend, the Death-O-Meter made an encore appearance on Fox News.

They brazenly lie to us day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute. They selectively use, twist, and falsify information to fit their narrative. They conduct themselves like a pack of rabid hyenas—just tune in to one of the White House press conferences or cast an eye towards a TV monitor in the airport to see.

Through its endless stream of gotcha questions and poisonous words, the media exudes disrespect, animus, and hatred—all orchestrated with great coordination. They use the exact same terms, words, themes, and talking points in every news cycle. Turn off one news channel and tune into another, and you will hear an echo chamber.

This is not a coincidence. This is what happens when everyone is working for the same cause under a common organization.

And, it’s not just what they say. It’s also what they don’t say. Information that runs counter to the ascribed narrative is suppressed or avoided altogether.

For instance, if you are getting your “news” from most mainstream media outlets, you would have no idea how government agencies were seemingly weaponized against President Trump for the past four years plus or that the Senate Legislative Committee released a report alleging that millions and millions of dollars were paid to Hunter Biden by foreign countries and oligarch’s during his father’s term as Vice President.

The mainstream media coordination is only exceeded by the relentlessness and viciousness of its frontline minions. Even as our President was hospitalized and being treated for a disease that the media persistently portrays as a “death sentence,” they attacked his doctors, his family, his administration, his campaign, his COVID-positive staff, and the President himself with nasty questions, vile accusations, and death wishes.

The media pretends to be the absolute moral authority, yet its members exhibit little, and in most cases no, sense of decorum, grace, fairness, integrity, ethics, or morality. And, adding insult to injury, they accuse the President and their other lesser enemies of exactly what they themselves do.

For instance, after last week’s Presidential debate, one prominent network news host ranted how the President is “so obesely corrupt.” The immense hypocrisy is shameless.

Another passage in Proverbs (6:16-19 NIV) comes to mind when observing the media:

16 There are six things the Lord hates,

seven that are detestable to him:

17         haughty eyes,

a lying tongue,

hands that shed innocent blood,

18         a heart that devises wicked schemes,

feet that are quick to rush into evil,

19         a false witness who pours out lies

and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

We may not know what’s in their hearts, but we do know what’s in their job description.

There is little doubt that they have poisoned countless minds and stoked tremendous hatred. They are actively working to influence and even steal the election for their Democratic associates and the Harris-Biden ticket. The mainstream media continues to inflict tremendous damage on this nation and will not cease until their cabal has seized total power.

We cannot allow them to discourage us or deceive us. We must reject their false narratives and hang onto the real truth. We must continue to intercede. We must speak up and speak out—and not allow the media to shame us into silence.

It is almost “the midnight hour.” We must turn out in record numbers to vote and stand with our President. We are in an epic battle for our liberties, our freedoms, our prosperity, our faith, our republic—and we cannot let this weapon of mass destruction raze our nation!


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