We Will See with Our Eyes What Our Ears Have Only Heard

This global journey has placed all of us in heaven’s processing room where it’s being determined whether we stand or fall before the Righteous Judge.

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In a recent dream, the Lord gives some assurances of what’s to come…

In this dream, my husband and I were brought before a group of high-level government officials to be “processed.” We had been blindfolded and hand-cuffed, along with two nationally recognized government leaders. I could feel the tension in the room, knowing the immense significance of this moment, given all the secret service detail.

In this place, the four of us were each going to be asked one question. Depending on our answer, it would mean either life or death. Yet, I wasn’t afraid because I knew Bobby and I were innocent. I simply knew this had to happen and was resolved to see it through. I also knew these two national leaders were finally being made to answer for what had happened.

Within moments of the question being asked, I heard the first national leader fall to the floor. I knew what their answer must have been. Then, the second one fell to the floor with a loud thump. Given what I had already discerned, I knew what I was hearing was the consequence of their answers. It was really happening.

It was all over very quickly. The blindfolds came off of Bobby and me, and someone began removing our handcuffs. I knew in this moment that I was witnessing history – firsthand. But, I wanted to make sure I could verify what I had heard. I peered over someone’s shoulder and saw it for myself. The first national leader, clearly recognizable, was on the floor – gone. I looked to the side and saw the other one, also crumpled in a heap against the wall. Gone. In that moment, I realized I finally had proof for myself. What I had first only heard with my ears, I now saw with my own eyes.

The next thing I knew we were being checked over by a physician. Before anything else, he wanted to check my heart. The heart rate seemed normal. He also checked my temperature. It was 96, though in the dream I was afraid it might be too high. It was also at that moment when he checked my heart that I remembered incurring other wounds previous to this. I suddenly remembered the pain I had gone through before this experience, especially in my feet. They had been inflicted and bruised. Even so, in the context of this moment, I knew they would heal.

After this, we were led out into a great hall filled with hundreds of people sitting at tables. There was much commotion as everyone was talking and clamoring about what had just happened. A main speaker was on stage trying to speak, but it was difficult to hear because of all the excited chatter. I wanted to hear what the speaker was saying, but even more, wanted to find my husband because we had been separated in all the commotion. And then I woke up.

There are many significant messages in this dream that help us prepare for the days ahead. The most important message being this: There is coming a time when things we’ve only heard about will be verified with firsthand evidence and eye-witness proof.

In this last year, much has been rumored and talked about from second-hand sources, unverified accounts, and back-channel chatter. We have longed to know what is happening behind the cameras and yet we’ve been denied any ability to see what is really taking place. We’ve also felt handcuffed in our ability to change anything due to unending governmental red tape, countless restrictions, and endless mandates. We’ve had to trust in the Lord and rely on our spiritual discernment to get us through this process.

Even as high levels of corruption and demonic agendas have been uncovered on the national front, our spiritual warfare has become very personal. Regardless of our geography or social status, we’ve each been faced with life and death decisions regarding our health, our faith, and our future. National leaders and Church leaders, alike, are being examined and found wanting if they fail to prove the integrity of their hearts. This test of faith has been for the Body of Christ, just as much as it has been for the world. This global journey has placed all of us in heaven’s processing room where it’s being determined whether we stand or fall before the Righteous Judge.

Whether the demise of these two national leaders is literal or symbolic, the results will be the same. The Lord is showing us that corrupt and wicked leaders will be dealt with, once and for all. No one will be exempt or escape from the consequences of their rebellion. The evidence that will eventually be seen will settle any doubts and answer many questions concerning those who have been in positions of power. This is the Lord’s assurance.

The physician attending to us following this ordeal is a picture of heaven’s priorities in the coming days. Our spiritual health will be vital in the immediate aftermath of the revelations to come. God is concerned, first and foremost, with the state of our hearts. There have been many battle wounds experienced in this past year of spiritual warfare, causing some to walk with a limp. But, in the end, it is our heart that must be right with His, for it is from the heart that every issue of life flows. And though we may wonder if our emotional state (temperature) will be unhealthy given all the stress, we will eventually recognize that a sovereign grace has been resting on us the entire time, keeping us protected and shielded from a far worse fate than what we have already experienced.

Lastly, in the ensuing commotion of recovery, we must be sure to stick together and not allow this journey to separate us in the chaos. We must be intentional in walking through this together; not only through the worst of what’s been, but through the best in what’s to come. That which has been discerned by faith will soon be manifest for all to see. It will be at that moment that the real journey will begin.

A Lesson Learned Through a Parable in the Night:

In a recent dream, I was walking along and a woman drove up in a car frantically calling out to me through her window. She seemed desperate to have me pray for her. Before I could process her request, she jumped out and stood in front of me. Not sure how to respond, I went ahead and started praying for her, but because I was so caught off guard I didn’t know what her need was or what to say. Nothing prophetic was coming. Then Holy Spirit said, “Impart what you already have.” I looked at this woman who was near tears for a touch from God. I then realized it was according to this woman’s faith that she would receive what was needed. So, I simply laid my hands on her and said, “Receive.” She immediately fell to the ground under the presence and power of Holy Spirit. I was taken by the sudden response and reminded of Who it is that truly ministers.

Lesson: Many hungry hearts are desperate for heaven’s touch, but impressive prophetic words won’t be needed if you’re walking in the glory.



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