We are Pounding On the Door, Lord!

Oh God, we have been there before, Knocking gently on heaven’s door—But now we’re in desperation and despair. Please look out again and find us there!

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Demons have new habitations
It is clear where they’ve moved in
Everything has been uncovered
No more hiding noxious sin

Principalities have shed their disguises
Powers have taken their place
The starting gun has been fired
We are in Earth’s final race

The devil seems to have the upper hand
But there is one thing we must understand
God’s power has not one limitation—
BUT He has laid out for us a crucial invitation!

It’s an invitation to humble ourselves and pray
Seek His face and turn from our wicked way
Then He will hear us from Heaven above
And He will respond with great power and love.

He will forgive our sins, which are many—
Bind up our wounds, take our fears—which are plenty
And He will heal our land, which is bleeding
If His urgent invitation we really started heeding

“Oh God, we have been there before,
Knocking gently on heaven’s door—
But now we’re in desperation and despair
Please look out again and find us there!

For this time, Lord, we come in a new attitude
Filled with true repentance and newfound gratitude
We come to You, Lord, with great determination
Expecting to see the salvation of our nation!

Like the man who needed bread from his friend
In the middle of a dark, dark night
We are going to knock and knock again
Until You answer our heartfelt plight

Like the persistent widow and the unjust judge
(A story we’ve come to truly understand)
We won’t stop praying and pounding on Your door—
Until Your truth, justice and healing prevail throughout our land!”


Debbie Fickess


Featured Image By Bruno Emanuelle

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