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The Lord will not be mocked by His servants, especially His prophets.

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The content of a prophet’s message must have at its core, a passionate love for the ones who will hear the message, or what is spoken will not release the heart of God. Isaiah spoke of this passionate love after Israel went through a season of warning, pruning, and the experience of a self-imposed consequence of their sin.

“And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so your God will rejoice over you. On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed and stationed watchmen (prophets), who will never keep silent day or night” (Isaiah 62:5-6 AMP). In some translations of this passage, the interpretation defines the passionate love of God as being empowered by the promises He intended to fulfill in the life of His bride – the Church.

Any prophetic message not empowered by such passionate love, especially when bringing a warning, will not convey the heart of God nor will it keep a prophet on an integrous path of revelation that will honor the Lord and bring healing to those to whom the word was directed.

A true watchman of God is not a loveless critic of the Church. They are lovers of what God loves and faithfully speak the truth in love in all circumstances. The words offered by these faithful watchmen will be criticized most by those who measure a word of prophecy by how hard and dark it sounds.

Last night, the Lord gave me a word. It felt ominous and uncomfortable. I took it personally for self-examination before I was allowed to release it. It is a warning offered by the Lord in love for our consideration and correction.

“Some who are standing at the doorway of a new season are about to have the rug of assumption pulled out from under their feet. Entry into a new season is being halted until a lesson is relearned – a basic lesson of faith and relationship that has been ignored in a season of success. The Lord will not be mocked by His servants, especially His prophets.”

As we watch the prophetic watchmen who are releasing prophetic words we must look to see if a passionate love for the bride of Christ is present in the message. All other motivators create a message that will stumble the one giving the message and the ones who hear it.


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