Watch for Weaponized Pestilence

Set Watchmen on the walls and guardians at the gates of the Nations!

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Recently, during my time of prayer, I was in a time of waiting before The LORD, when suddenly I heard these words, ”Watch! For Weaponized pestilence shall bring great devastation to the harvest fields of many Nations!

Weaponized worms and insects that shall bring famine to the land!”

Now, as I heard those words, I was caught up in a Vision and I saw Worms beneath the soil, eating through the roots systems of different crops — worms at the roots, and a strange type of Aphid (insect) that was eating the leaves and the fruits above the ground.

I saw great devastation coming upon the Harvest Fields and fruit Orchards of different Nations.

Then I saw locusts, swarming locusts, and crawling locusts, being released into specific Nations.

As I began to pray, I heard these Words, “A Global Famine — engineered and orchestrated by the hands of man!”

Then I heard The Spirit say, “Watch and pray, for I say to you, look, for they will seek to weaponize Worms and Insects in these days, that will infect and inflict great devastation to the Harvest Fields of The Nations.

Yes! Pestilence shall be weaponized with lethal pathogens and parasites that will cause great losses to crops.

I say, Watch and Pray! Set Watchmen on the walls and guardians at the gates of The Nations!

Listen! ‘Climate change! Climate change!’ they will cry, ‘it is all about Climate Change!’

I tell you. this will become their battle cry and a new religion shall be birthed!

Watch! As altars shall be built in the name of Climate Change, and many will come and bow down to worship, for their eyes shall be turned towards the sun and moon gods of ancient times.

But surely I tell you, a great unraveling will take place, and their lying tongues shall be exposed and their wicked deeds brought out into the open!

I say again, Watch and Pray! For they shall seek to weaponize worms and insects that will bring great devastation to the Harvest Fields of The Nations!”


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