Warning Dream about the Nation’s Capital

Regardless of how you may feel about this Administration or any future Administration, it is critical that we pray.

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I awoke this morning, with an urgent/imminent warning of a threat against our nation’s Capital. The location is key because it’s the seat of government for our nation but also the epicenter of where the Mountain of Government sits.

In my dream, it was night with only the lights of the White House illuminating the area. I was in a crowd directly outside of the White House quietly moving about and praying. The atmosphere was stirred by an antagonistic spirit. A voice was stirring the individuals in the crowd. At the moment of this interaction, I was standing directly outside the West Wing of the White House approximately 50 ft. far closer than I ever thought possible. If you’ve been to Washington D.C. and visited the White House you will see there is 13-foot anti-climb fencing that has been installed along the perimeter of the grounds. The first barrier was installed around the White House in 1819. Then in the 1990’s it was expanded one block around along the perimeter. So in this dream being that close to the White House was alarming as all barriers were removed.

As I stood looking around the crowd I heard a woman of far Eastern decent screaming, “All the money is in there! Look at all the money they have in there!” Somehow I knew the male standing next to her was her husband. I discerned immediately he was quiet, not shouting like his wife was for a very sinister reason. He was looking for ways to enter into the White House and detonate an explosive. I watched quietly but noticed that if he were successful I would be directly within the blast radius. I then began to move slowly towards the East Wing of the White House lawn. As I moved I prayed. As I prayed my sight became crystal clear even though it was night. I walked with my head down, covered by a hoodie or headscarf, and slowly walked and prayed. To my immediate left with my peripheral vision I noticed someone walking directly parallel to me in sync with my steps. Not wanting to be startled I turned slowly to see who was following that close to me. When I turned it was a fellow Intercessor I know from the state of Georgia. I was so happy to see her! I pointed at her so as to say “I see you sis” but we kept walking away from the danger zone to a safe place where we finally met and hugged.

Dream ends.

I awoke knowing there is still time to pray to thwart the plans of the enemy. Listen, it is time to put politics aside and get the Intercessors up and praying. Regardless of how you may feel about this Administration or any future Administration, it is critical that we pray. Jesus gave us all authority in His name. Use it. Americans pray! Pray for your nation’s Capital. The unfortunate truth is, there are individuals who want to do America great harm through a spirit of terrorism to our nation. This wicked spirit has one assignment and that is to antagonize through terror. Terror is the highest form of fear. The enemy only has the ability to proceed where there are no watchmen warning and where there are no intercessors battling in the spirit. This is our country and the Lord loves America. He is giving gentle but direct warnings through dreams like this one. Pray.


Written by Ciara Leilani




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