Vessels of Honor

God is looking for vessels of Honor that will completely empty themselves out so that He can fill them to overflow with whatever is needed.

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As I was doing my quiet time recently, the Holy Spirit showed me three drinking glasses sitting on a countertop.

The first glass was empty, the second glass was full of water and the last glass was filled with mud. As I looked at these three glasses, the Holy Spirit said, “Which of these three glasses do you think I’m going to use, Daniel?”

Of course, my natural response was the glass that was filled with water because it was clean and filled with what represented the Washing of the Water of the Word, but as those thoughts entered my mind, the Holy Spirit surprised me and He said, “I’LL USE THE EMPTY ONE!”

At first, I thought that I had heard Him wrong, but then He began to explain to me what these three glasses represented in the Spirit realm.

“The glass filled with mud are the people who are completely filled with themselves. The carnal nature has them so filled with self that there’s no room for Me.”

“The glass filled with water are those people who have cleansed themselves from the world’s influence, been filled with the Word of God, but they never pour themselves out anywhere, so that they always stay full.”

“The empty glass are ones who have emptied themselves of themselves and always are faithful to pour themselves out when I prompt them to, knowing that I Am going to refill them again and again, even until they completely overflow at times within the surroundings that I have placed them in.”

“But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also [utensils] of wood and earthenware, and some for honorable and noble [use] and some for menial and ignoble [use]. So whoever cleanses himself [from what is ignoble and unclean, who separates himself from contact with contaminating and corrupting influences] will [then himself] be a vessel set apart and useful for honorable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good work.” 2 Timothy 2:20-21

The Lord Jesus isn’t looking for vessels filled with self or vessels with selfish motivation. He is looking for vessels of Honor that will completely empty themselves out so that He can fill them to overflow with whatever is needful and necessary for the current situations around them at any given time.

In order to be used by the Master, we not only need to be available for His Use but also clean and empty of all contaminants so that the Holy Spirit can fill us to overflow with His Power, His Ability, and His Presence!

If you’re wanting the Lord to use your life for His Purposes today, then surrender your life to the Cross, empty the glass of your life, and be prepared to be filled and then Poured Out wherever He chooses to send you!


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