Use What’s In Your Hand!

So many of My people, even My appointed leaders, have no idea of the power at their disposal.

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A Word to the whole Church — but for the Remnant Church in particular!

I received a word on this subject about two weeks ago, and I knew it was good, but I also knew that there was also something different that The LORD wanted to say.

So The LORD has prompted me again, “When will you wait on Me long enough to write down My Word for The Churches, particularly My Word to the Remnant Church?”

Suitably chastened, I came before Him again as I heard The Spirit say,

“When will you trust Me enough to use what is already in your hand?”

He took my mind to Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea.

Listen to God talking to Moses,

“Then The LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to go forward. As for you, lift up your staff and reach out with your hand over the sea and divide it, and the sons of Israel shall go through the midst of the sea on dry land.” Exodus 14:15-16NASB.

Allow me to paraphrase that for you.

“Why are you crying out to Me? Lift up your staff and reach out with your hand over the sea and divide it. . . .”


“What’s that in your hand? You already have the answer and the power in your hand, I’ve already given it to you! Use that which I’ve already given you to solve this problem!”

Church Leaders today, at least the majority of them, are, rather like the Israelites, without a clue about the world situation, about revival, and about how to recover from the disastrous losses of recent years during the plandemic.

Huge numbers have rushed to get back where they were three years ago, changing nothing, lacking any real leadership abilities, and generally floundering in the depths of the despair of a dying Church.

It is so incredibly sad to watch as more and more churches lose their leaders and eventually close their doors forever. While seeking a ‘cure, The Church is ignoring that which is in its own hand.

The LORD is today asking Church Leaders the same questions He posed to Moses, “Why are you complaining to Me? Use the weapons and tools I have put in your hand.

They are not toys. They are not just for show or for your amusement. They are everyday working tools to help you and guide you through life.”

The LORD paused as if to let me, or you, absorb this, then He continued. “When you received salvation, did not My Holy Spirit come to live in you?

Did He not bring gifts with Him? When He baptized you, did he not give you the power to activate and use those gifts?”

Then The LORD brought me up short, He shook me with this next thing.

“The gift of tongues is not just for show. It’s not just for casual use.

The gift of tongues is your greatest weapon against the enemy of your soul!

The gift of healing is to help you live a life of abundance.

The gift of deliverance is to help you live a life of freedom.

The gift of prophecy is to guide you, warn you, and comfort you!

As you use them, angels stand ready to implement your prayers, your decrees, your declarations.

Use the weapons I have already given you to enforce My Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!”

As if I actually questioned this, The LORD answered, “So many of My people, even My appointed leaders, have no idea of the power at their disposal.

They don’t use the gifts of My Spirit — indeed, so very many of them deny these gifts and refuse to use them or even acknowledge them.

Therefore, son of man, say to the Remnant Church who will acknowledge these gifts, who will use them, ‘Raise your staff, part the sea of doubt, part the sea of trouble, part the sea of confusion, and part the sea of persecution that’s before you, and walk in victory into the land I have healed and prepared for you!”

“Yes!” says The LORD, “Walk in victory in the land I have prepared for you!

For I will give that victory to those who will trust Me, and obey Me, but to those who continue to walk unrepentant in their own understanding, let them be warned — you are in danger of your very soul, and in danger of hearing those dreadful words, ‘Away from Me, I never knew you!’”

Thus saith The LORD today to His Remnant Army — let those who have ears, hear the Word of The LORD today.

Let them walk in the victory of God and in the presence of His Holy Spirit.


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