Unsurrendered Obedience Brings Strength

How do we respond when things don’t go the way we thought?  

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Have you ever been asked to do something and it didn’t go as planned?  Yes, probably all of us have experienced this type of disappointment.  So, how do we respond when things don’t go the way we thought?  

Do we sit down and retreat?  Do we stand strong and try again.  

  • The failures in our life are meant to teach us to climb higher.  They are training us to be stronger.  

The man in the photo is training for the real rock climbing event, that will soon occur.  He is being trained physically. God trains us spiritually.  That training will help us to grow strong in our faith, so nothing that comes against us will keep us down.

  • No matter how many “knock-outs,” we receive, we are called to unsurrendered obedience.  
  • We must let the Spirit of God arise within us declaring victory NOT defeat.  

I see this kind of tenacity in Moses.  I see the courage it takes to lead, in him.  

Do what God has commanded.  His call on our life is not age resistant.  “Moses was 80 years old and Aaron was 83 when they spoke to Pharaoh.”  (Exodus 7: 7)    Moses was just 40 years old when he fled to Midian after killing the Egyptian soldier, who killed his Hebrew brother.  Look at the time span between then and now when he is leading the people out of Egypt.  Forty years have passed.  What does that tell us?

  • God still calls us when we are older, and His timing is perfect.  

As I read the account of Moses, there is a repeated phrase I see.  That phrase is:  “Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded.”  (Exodus 7: 6, 10, 20)  Even through all the plagues, all the disappointments, he still did what God had called him to do. Pharaoh showed signs of weakness and surrender, but that demonic resistance was strong.  Yet, Moses was called to encounter it.  He did not give up.  

  • Don’t give up.  You may be knocked down, but not destroyed!

God had told Moses from the very beginning that He would harden Pharaoh’s heart.  

  • God allows resistance, so we become strong and learn how to fight.

We may have to engage in the battle, but “The finger of God,” wins.  The magicians who were counteracting God’s power said this,”This is the finger of God.”  (Exodus 8: 19)  

  • It was the finger of God that inscribed the Ten Commandments on the stone.  “He gave him the two tablets of the Testimony, the tablets of stone, inscribed by the finger of God.”  (Exodus 31: 18)  
  • It was the finger of God that created the heavens.  “Consider the heavens, the work of your fingers.  (Psalm 8: 3) 
  • Jesus even said, “If I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come to you.”  (Luke 11: 20  
  • The Kingdom of God is within us!  

What is plaguing you and bringing resistance to your life?  Whatever it is, press through!  Jesus took all of that upon Himself when He went the cross.  We were all once resistant, and cold-hearted, B.C. (Before Christ), also.  

Pray for those who are resistant. Pray for the “Wisdom of God to enter their hearts so that the knowledge be pleasant to their soul.”  (Proverbs 2: 10)  It’s our heart and soul that God wants!

Keep climbing in unsurrendered obedience.  It causes growth and makes us stronger.

(Exodus 6: 28-8: 32, Proverbs 2, Hebrews 9, Paraphrased & Modified)





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